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The Department offers multiple opportunities for Graduate Research. Many professors take on graduate students to participate in a plethora of research opportunities. Below are a few examples of current graduate students and their research!

Kevin Corser

Advisor: Dr. Wilcox

Title: Seasonal habitat use and survival of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Oatka Creek

Project Summary: My research will identify important habitat features used by brown trout throughout the year.  I will then recommend potential management strategies that will increase wild brown trout production by increasing habitat quality in Oatka Creek.

kevin corser

Matthew Futia

Advisor: Dr. Jacques Rinchard

Title: Evaluation of Thiamine Deficiency Complex in Lake Ontario Salmonines

Project Summary: My thesis project evaluates the extent and impacts of a vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency on salmon and trout from Lake Ontario. In addition, potential causes of the deficiency that are linked to diet will be studied using fatty acid analyses.

matt futia video

Scott Ward

Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Amatangelo

Title: Quantifying the impacts of invasive lianas on tree hosts and native plant communities in Western New York

Project Summary: I am interested in how invasive liana infestations (Oriental bittersweet and Chinese wisteria) affect tree growth and physiology within two major portions of Mendon Ponds Park (south of Rochester, NY).  Additionally, I am interested how Oriental bittersweet may impact various plant communities across Western New York, with a particular focus on competitive interactions with its native congener, American bittersweet.

scott ward

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