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Administrators from the Hilton Central School District began meeting with staff from The College at Brockport about a Hilton Immersion Program in spring 2015.

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This partnership was designed to address the shortage of substitute teachers available within the Hilton school system and enhance the quality field and student teacher experiences for students enrolled in the Brockport education programs. The program was piloted during the 2015-16 school year.

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How do we collaborate?

Collaboration was achieved during a series of meetings and follow up via email. To begin piloting the program, it was determined that Brockport would market the program to its graduate teaching candidates and would design an online process for the candidates to apply for the Hilton Immersion program. Candidates receive an orientation, work as compensated substitute teachers, are assigned a mentor in the district, and work with that mentor whenever the candidate is not involved with substitute teaching. Professional development opportunities in the district are available for the candidates. Both Hilton CSD and Brockport identified liaisons for the Immersion Program as it was developed.


A meeting was held in February 2016 to review the first semester of the program and address the continuing needs for substitute teachers in the district. The program was be opened to undergraduate teaching candidates during the next phase.

New Developments

In fall 2016 Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES and the Brockport Central School District joined in the collaboration and the program became the Collaborative Education Linkage Fellowship (CELF) Program.

In 2017 the program was re-named the Teacher Immersion Fellows Program.

Roberts Wesleyan College joined the partnership as an additional higher education institution partner and will begin recruiting participants for fall 2017.

Administrators from Hilton Central School were invited to participate in mock interviews with spring 2017 College at Brockport student teacher candidates with Teacher Immersion Fellows Program partner schools, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES and the Brockport Central School District.

Hilton Central School District was awarded the 2017 Diane Maurer Partnership Award at the Teacher Certification Ceremony in May 2017.

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