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Student Teaching Conference (Mandatory for Student Teaching Candidates)

TBA. The full-day conference is typically held just prior to the start of school. For fall 2017, it will be held during the week of August 21-25. Watch for more information by email!

Second Student Teaching Conference

TBA. The second Student Teaching Conference is typically held mid-way through the semester and consists of professional development sessions, including information on graduate school programs at Brockport,  job search strategies, edTPA support and more. Watch for more information by email and in the newsletter!

Student Teaching Placement Dates

The student teaching placement will be a single placement for 15 weeks:

DATES: The start of school at your district through Friday, December 15, 2017.

Check school district calendars for fall break days and holidays.

Student Teaching Seminars

Seminar meetings are held once a week, beginning the week of August 28 or September 5 (at the discretion of your college supervisor), typically from 4:45 - 6:30 PM. College supervisors will indicate the location for their seminar meeting. 

*Candidates placed at Brockport Central School will have an Orientation meeting early in the semester.

Teacher Certification Ceremony

Candidates who completed the program in fall 2017 or spring/summer 2018 will be invited to attend the ceremony with their guests in May 2018.

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