Lyndonville Central School District Partnership

Since 2010, The College at Brockport and Lyndonville Central School District have partnered to provide meaningful field experience and student teaching placements.

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Teacher candidates support students in the district by participating in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. Approximately 25 out of 50 hours of their field experience are spent in AVID sessions and tutorials. The remaining 25 hours are completed in a content area or special education classroom. Many of the AVID tutors are offered paid tutoring positions after completing their field experience.

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How do we collaborate?

Placements are coordinated to be mutually beneficial for the teacher candidates, for School-based Teacher Educators (SBTEs) in the classroom, and for availability to participate in the AVID program. Candidates who are new to the AVID process are provided an orientation either on the Brockport campus (with candidates from other districts who are also participating in AVID or tutoring programs) or directly at the school district.


Assessments are conducted online through Tk20, where the data is also stored. The AVID program is assessed using a questionnaire for the teacher candidates and follow-up during meetings with district personnel.


Last Updated 5/7/19

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