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Teacher candidates who are newly admitted into the Education Program (as Childhood Inclusive or Adolescence Inclusive Generalist teacher candidates) will be given individual advisement to find out more about program requirements.

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In addition, the Field Experience Office staff will visit each classroom associated with a field experience course early in the semester, to give an overview of expectations, and to answer any candidate questions. When a candidate is going to register for a course that requires a 50-hour field experience placement there are several steps that must be taken. All field experience placements are arranged between the Field Experience Office staff and administrators in the school districts. Teacher candidates do not arrange their own placements. In order for the Field Experience Office staff to secure a field experience placement for a teacher candidate, the following is required prior to the field experience:

  • Field Experience Application. Forms are available by clicking the box below. In subsequent semesters, notification will be given via e-mail that forms are due for the following semester. A new form is due for each field experience placement, and later for student teaching.
  • A resume. A professional, updated resume will be due each semester prior to field experience and student teaching. Resumes must follow the guidelines in the Resume Samples. In addition, resumes can be critiqued through Career Services. Teacher candidates may contact Career Services (call 585-395-2159) for information on resume assistance. The resumes are submitted with the Field Experience Application.
  • Teacher candidates must register for the course as soon as possible.
  • Field Experience placement dates for fall 2017 begin in September (by mutual agreement between the School-based Teacher Educator, or SBTE, and teacher candidate), and continue through the week of December 8, 2017.
  • Field Experience Application forms and resumes for fall are due March 15, or as soon as possible when newly admitted to the program; for spring they are due on October 15, or as soon as possible after being admitted to the program. Watch for an e-mail notification about this process.

Once a placement is confirmed, an email is sent to the teacher candidate from the Field Experience Office which contains the placement information (school district, School-based Teacher Educator's name and contact information, grade level, and type of placement). Candidates then contact the School-based Teacher Educator (SBTE) as soon as possible to arrange a start date and schedule.

Last Updated 9/14/18

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