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Pictured here are Eric Vallaincourt, Oliver MS Assistant Principal; Dana Boshnack, HS Principal; Shelly Smith, Coordinator of Field Experience; and Lisa Montanaro, BCSD Instructional Coach

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Our partnership with the Brockport Central School District offers the opportunity to sit at the table and discuss student teaching and field experience placements directly with the decision makers on site.

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Partnership Description

The Brockport Central School STLE Grant partnership began in 2013 when the district was awarded a New York State grant. The grant would "support the dissemination of effective principal practices and programs that are promising and/or successful in Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (STLE) schools, and allow(ing) our STLE grantees to share their successful innovations in a collaborative endeavor with an eligible partner."

Partnership Level:


How do we collaborate?

The Brockport Central School district and The College at Brockport are so close geographically, they are visible by looking out the window of some of the buildings on each campus. This enables opportunities for frequent meetings and discussions on collaboration. Perhaps the best way to get an idea of the level of collaboration is by watching this video:


Field experience and student teaching assessments are conducted online using Tk20, which also houses the data.

New Developments

In January 2016, Brockport Central School held a Student Teaching Orientation for the ten student teaching candidates with placements in the district.In February co-teaching strategies were modeled for these candidates, with school district administrators, teachers, and college supervisors participating. A "Brockport at Brockport" event is planned for April 2016 during which more than 90 seventh grade students and their teachers from the Brockport school district will visit The College at Brockport to learn about specific majors, tour the campus, and discover more about what the College offers.

The Brockport Central School district offers a number of Demonstration Classrooms for teacher candidates, faculty and staff to visit during the semester.

In Fall 2015, Brockport Central School administrators teamed up with The College at Brockport college supervisors to provide mock interview sessions and feedback for each of the 49 student teaching candidates.



Last Updated 5/7/19

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