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Teacher candidates must complete 50 hours in each of three required field experience placements prior to student teaching.

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Program descriptions, including courses which require a 50-hour placement, are listed on the left-hand menu bar for both Adolescence Inclusive Generalist and Childhood Inclusive programs. Placements are arranged by the Field Experience Office - teacher candidates do not make their own placement arrangements. The teacher candidate must submit a Field Experience Application the semester prior to their field experience. A new form is needed for each of the three placements. In addition, a resume is required, and teacher candidates need to register for the course as soon as possible. Some placements have a tutoring component, during which the candidate spends part of their 50 hours assisting students in the tutoring program at the district, and part of their hours in a classroom setting. Orientations and training are provided for tutoring programs. A video about the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) tutoring program is available below. Some school districts require additional paperwork. More information, including policies and expectations, is available in the Field Experience Handbook.

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Fall 2018 field experience placement dates begin in September and go through the week of December 7, 2018.

Field Experience Application forms and resumes for spring placements are due October 15; fall placement applications and resumes are due March 15, unless candidates are admitted to the program after those dates.

Last Updated 10/5/18

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