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Information about your Academic Advisor

Advisors at college are much different from School Counselors. Find out what your college Advisor can do for you.

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General Education courses provide the broad cultural background, enlarged perspectives, and flexibility of mind that are increasingly essential to survival in a fast-changing world.

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Information about your Academic Advisor

Whether you are a freshman or a transfer, you are assigned an academic advisor in your major department.

If you are an undeclared freshman, your academic advisor is the instructor of your GEP 100, GEP 120, HON 112, MSC 101 or DCC 100 class until you decide on a major. If you are unsure about who your academic advisor is, check your academic status on Web Banner, or run an updated DARS report from Web Banner. Your advisor is always listed at the top of your DARS. If you do not see an advisor listed, please contact the First Year Experience office at (585) 395-5397.

Your advisor is your main academic contact to the College. All advisors have set office hours they provide for their advisees. We highly recommend that you take advantage of these if you feel the need to talk to your advisor and other instructors. To contact your Academic Advisor, use the online Campus Directory.

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Course registration and your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor will help you register for your courses each semester and provide you with your registration PIN number (you need this in order to actually register for your courses). Students should meet in person with them at least once each semester to make sure they are on track academically.

Academic Advisors also help students in understanding their DARS report, the requirements needed to graduate and other academic policies and procedures.

For more information...

Visit the Academic Advisement homepage, or call (585) 395-2711.

Your Academic Major

What exactly is an academic major?

A college major, or field of concentration, is a series of courses that provides a foundation in an academic discipline. Majors vary in the number of courses required. You should investigate the many major degree programs at The College at Brockport.General Education requirements on schedule.

I haven't chosen a major yet and I have no idea what to choose. How can I decide?

First of all, don't panic. Many students don't decide on a major for several semesters. In most cases, you can delay choosing a major until the end of your sophomore year and suffer no ill consequences whatsoever, provided you are working diligently to complete your

So, until the end of your sophomore year, you may elect to choose some classes to help explore areas that interest you. If you are still unsure about what you would like to choose, you should start by discussing the possibilities with your academic advisor. Also, the professionals in the Office of Career Services in the Rakov Center are available to help you focus on a major that will lead to a career choice that you will be happy with beyond graduation. You can call them at (585) 395-2159, or just stop by. Career Services has many resources that you can use to help you think more clearly about your future.

I like my major, but I am not sure whether it will help me find a job after I graduate.

One way to find out what types of jobs are available for someone with a degree in your major is to call the Office of Career Services at (585) 395-2159, or to visit them in the Rakov Center. There you will find a wide variety of literature and software that will help you gain a better understanding of what sorts of careers graduates in your major field are going into. The staff there can also recommend to you specific trends and outlooks in your field, so that you can be a more marketable graduate when you leave Brockport.

Also check out the Career Services page: "What can I do with a major in..."

Last Updated 8/13/18

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