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  • Student Health Center, Hazen Hall
  • Counseling Center, Hazen Hall
  • Nutrition and Exercise Information through Brockport's Prevention & Outreach Services
  • Q&As regarding your health and wellness

    I can't seem to shake this cold. What can I do?

    Go to the College Health Center, located in Hazen Hall. There you can get the medical attention that you need. They even have "cold care packages" with items like herbal tea, cough drops, aspirin, etc. that you can take with you. It is very common for even the most healthy students to become sick--especially early in their college careers--due to the stress caused by the transition to a new lifestyle. At the Health Center you can get the medical attention that you need--and often it is free!

    I am having a very personal problem and haven't made any friends whom I can trust.

    The Counseling Center, at (585) 395-2207, is the place to go when you feel you have no place to turn. Visit their web page (linked above) for advice, or make an appointment with them. The counselors there understand how difficult college life can be--especially for first-year students--and they can be trusted to listen to whatever it is that you need to get off your chest, and discuss with you ways to better your situation. And, of course, whatever you discuss with them is 100% confidential. Again, it is up to you to call them--once you do, you are well on your way to getting on track.

    I just don't feel that college is for me.

    Although you have every right to feel as if college is not for you, do not be too hasty in that decision. The first year of college can be very difficult, and many students who felt as freshmen that they were not "cut out" for college or that they just didn't want to stay, did stay and ended up as successful graduates four years later. Those graduates will tell you that they just got used to the college environment, although it was very hard at first. Many of them saw other students all around them that didn't seem to have any problems adjusting, and wondered what was wrong with them. Some started out with very low GPAs and ended up graduating with honors. So, as difficult as your first year can be, remember, (1) you are not alone, and (2) things will turn around, once you have made SUNY Brockport more of a home for yourself. Talk to your RA or RD, or someone at The Counseling Center, (585) 395-2207 about just what is making you feel uncomfortable, and you will find these difficulties much easier to overcome.


    I might be homesick.

    Living away from home for the first time is difficult for many college students, even if home is only an hour away. Your feelings of homesickness are normal and you are definitely not alone. To identify and deal with homesickness, read the Counseling Center'sTop Twelve Ways to Cope with Homesickness.

    Last Updated 8/13/18

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