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Who has to participate in General Education Assessment?

  • All instructors teaching general education courses
  • All departments that offer general education courses

Where can I find the SLOs for the general education course I am teaching?

The general education website

Where can I find the rubrics/assignments/information for assessing the general education course I am teaching?

The general education assessment website

To whom do I submit the assessment data I have collected?

Your department’s assessment coordinator

Will general education assessment be used in tenure and promotion decisions?

General education assessment is intended to assess how well the general education program as a whole is meeting its goals not to evaluate individual instructors’ performance. Thus, assessment results will not be used in personnel decisions.

Why can’t we just use course grades for assessment?

Final course grades do not provide enough specific information. More detailed, diagnostic information is required in order to determine what areas need improvement.

How often do I have to conduct general education assessment?

Assessment of student learning is an ongoing process. If, in a given semester, a course you are teaching incorporates a particular general education student learning outcome (SLO) designated to be assessed, that is when you would be responsible for collecting data.

How will I know about when my course and related SLO/s will be assessed?

You may review your department’s assessment plan/cycle document and/or look under the “Assessment Plan/Cycle” link on the General Education Assessment webpage, if you are teaching a General Education course.

How should general education assessment data be reported?

Aggregating the data from rubrics is the best way to report the data. See the forms and samples link on the General Education Assessment website.

I am concerned that it will be easy for people to decipher the assessment results related to my course. Will assessment data be reported so that my course is not “named”?

Yes. Since all assessment data are pooled prior to being reported, it will not be possible to isolate results from any particular course.

I am new to assessment, is there someone I can contact on a regular basis to guide me?

You should begin your “assessment education” by accessing the General Education Assessment website. The point person in your department should be the assessment coordinator. You may also contact any member of the General Education Assessment committee (see website). And finally, keep an eye out for workshops and tutorials conducted by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT).

We conducted general education assessment differently at my previous place of employment. I think I may have some good ideas on how to further streamline the process here at The College at Brockport. What is the mechanism for me to suggest changes in the process?

All ideas for improving the General Education Assessment process are welcomed by the administration at the College at Brockport. While there is no formal mechanism in place as yet, we recommend that you volunteer to be on the General Education Assessment committee. You may also suggest changes at the local departmental level by assuming duties as your department’s assessment coordinator.

Last Updated 8/13/18

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