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Closing the Loop Reports

The Arts

Art (ART 221: Drawing I)

Dance (DNS 115: Intro to Dance)

Theatre and Music Studies (MUS 105: Intro to Music)


Communication (CMS 219: Advertising, Mass Persuasion and the Consumer)

English (ENG 221: Who Wrote the Bible, ENG 232: Women and British Fiction, ENG 240: American Literature I)

History (HST 201: Ancient World Seminar, HST 211: Early America Seminar)

Modern Languages and Cultures

Philosophy (PHL 101: Intro to Philosophy)

Science and Mathematics

Chemistry (CHM 121: Chemistry and Scientists)

Computer Science


Natural Science (NAS 273: Invetigating Physical Science)



Social Sciences

Anthropology (ANT 101: The Human Condition: Intro to Anthropology)

Political Science (PLS 112: Comparative Politics, PLS 113: American Politics)

Sociology (SOC 100: Intro to Sociology)

Last Updated 8/21/18

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