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Applying for Teacher Certification Childhood Inclusive Certification Adolescent Social Studies Inclusive Certification

Applying For Teacher Certification

Teaching is just one career of many that you can pursue with your history degree. Please see the Career Planning section of this website for information about other options. If teaching is your goal, here’s what you need to know about teacher certification at the College at Brockport:

  • Education is not an undergraduate major; it is a certification program. A history major is one of several majors that can accompany childhood inclusive certification. A history major is the only major that can accompany adolescent inclusive certification in social studies.
  • Application deadlines for all teacher certification programs are mid-September and mid-February. If accepted in the fall, you will begin education courses in the spring. If accepted in the spring, you will begin education courses the following fall. The ideal time to apply is the spring of your sophomore year or the fall of your junior year, after you have completed most general education courses and at least the four world and US history surveys in the major. The certification program itself takes four semesters, although some Phase I courses can be taken prior to acceptance into the program. Check the Department of Education and Human Development for more information on eligibility requirements for applicants, and to download application forms.
  • History professors frequently write letters of recommendation for applicants to both certification programs. For the adolescent social studies program only we also provide collective departmental recommendations of all applicants.
  • If accepted into a teacher certification program, you will be notified by official letter from The Department of Education and Human Development. You MUST then attend an orientation meeting where you will meet your education advisor and sign a plan of study. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN A PLAN OF STUDY, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PLACE IN THE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.

Childhood Inclusive Certification

Childhood inclusive certification is for Grades 1-6. It certifies successful candidates as elementary school teachers and special education teachers. There are a series of Cognate Courses in various departments that you must take to complete certification, as well as a four-semester sequence of professional courses in education. This adds up to a significant number of credit hours. To plan carefully, see the complete checklists outside Teri’s door, aim to satisfy some requirements through general education choices, and note those professional sequence courses that you can take prior to applying to the certification programs. HST 422 can be taken as the 400-level non-research intensive requirement in the major and substituted for EDI 430 as long as you get at least C+.

Program Checklist for Childhood Inclusive Certification

Adolescent Social Studies Inclusive Certification

Adolescent Social Studies inclusive certification is for grades 5-12, with middle school extension. This program certifies successful candidates as high school social studies teachers and special education teachers. It includes not only four semesters of EDI courses, but also a 12-credit "social science distribution." Careful planning to "double dip" by satisfying distribution and general education or major and EDI requirements via the same course(s) can make a huge difference in your progress towards graduation. For example, HST 422: History of American Education can be taken as the second 400-level US history course and substitute for EDI 430, as long as you get at least a C+. See the program checklist below for all the details:

Program Checklist for Inclusive Adolescent Certification

Last Updated 4/19/22