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Nolan Coble, Outstanding Undergraduate Student

The School of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award recognizes the School’s top scholar. To qualify, a student must be a senior who has earned a minimum 3.5 GPA, exhibited a strong master of understanding/ performance element in their discipline, and demonstrated a significant service element related directly to their department or program.

Chelsea Monheim, Outstanding Graduate Student

The School of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Graduate Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student who has completed or is completing a program of study within the School of Arts and Sciences in the academic year of nomination. The nominee must have a minimum GPA of 3.85 and significant scholarly activity in their field of study.

Departmental Scholars

The Departmental Scholar Awards that follow are presented in recognition of outstanding achievement within the academic majors. Although award criteria differ among departments, faculty from each academic major nominate and select the Departmental Scholar based on performance in the classroom, scholarly activity outside the classroom, and commitment to the discipline and/or profession.

African and African American Studies

Imani Coaxum

Earth Sciences: Water Resources

Annemarie Pillsbury 


Julie A. Moore


Marc Schermerhorn


Courtney Cahoon

Environmental Science and Ecology

Lillian Denecke

Arts for Children

Cristina Bonfiglio


Justine Parello


Hailey Stahlman

International Studies

Rebecca Hooper


Shane Walters

Journalism and Broadcasting

Marleese Patterson


Jaclyn Neubauer


Nolan Coble


Chelsea O'Neill

Modern Languages and Cultures

Megan Wright

Computer Information Systems

Emma Duffy


Nathan McKay 

Computer Science

Carl J. Thurnau


Nolan Coble

Criminal Justice

Cassandra Jannsen

Political Science

Susan Muchard


Emily Conn


Michael Fensken

Earth Sciences: Earth Sciences

Molly Carlson


Alexander Rigerman

Earth Sciences: Geology

Kiera McGrath


Emily Parry 

Earth Sciences: Meteorology

Adrianna Kremer

Women and Gender Studies

Courtney Earle 

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