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School of Business and Management: Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

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Introduction of Recipient By Dean Daniel Goebel

I am proud to introduce Victoria McLaughlin as the School of Business & Management Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award recipient. Tori, as we all know her, is exceptional in every way.

Tori’s academic record is outstanding. She is a marketing major and psychology minor, has an overall GPA of 3.88, she was on the Dean’s List with Honors every semester, and she is part of the Honors College. Tori’s thesis advisor praises her research and analytical skills and fully expects her study about online shopping behavior to be accepted at an upcoming academic conference.

Tori is an engaged, student leader on campus. Her time here has been one of personal growth and professional development. After transferring to SUNY Brockport, Tori quickly got involved – becoming the Social Media Coordinator for Brockport Student Government. This led to her becoming the Communications Director for Student Government. Tori’s supervisor describes her as “one of our most talented and motivated students” she is “very dedicated” and “puts herself fully into everything she does” she has “great drive” and a desire to “contribute to the Brockport community and add spirit and pride where ever she can.”

Tori’s spirit and pride comes through in volunteering for open houses, student panels, attending B.E.S.T. trips with Brockport Community Development, and participating in the recent School of Business and Management dean search. She was nominated by faculty to serve on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council and she participated on that council for two years. Tori is a member of the Marketing club and twice attended the American Marketing Association Collegiate conference. She is a transfer peer mentor, works as a tutor, and is active in the campus leadership development program.

Tori also is committed to civic engagement. Her curiosity to explore different cultures and expand her perceptions of the world took her to Cape Town, South Africa in January to volunteer for a local childcare organization. Tori’s compassion for others changed the lives of the children she assisted immensely. However, one could argue that those children and her time in

South Africa had a more profound and life-long effect on Tori.

In my short time as Dean, Tori has stood out as an exemplary role model for other students. She has made a lasting mark on our campus and she will do the same in the professional arena. Tori is a great asset to our College and I know she will be an active and engaged alumnus.

Please join me in congratulating Tori McLaughlin. 

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Victoria McLaughlin, Outstanding Undergraduate Student

The School of Business and Management Outstanding Undergraduate Award recognizes the accomplishments of an exemplary student. To qualify, a student must be a graduating senior and have a GPA of at least 3.75. The recipient also must display a strong willingness to improve their community by participating in worthwhile campus and local organizations. Through their accomplishments at the College, the individual will show great promise in the business professions. Moreover, their involvement in campus activities will predict that they will actively represent the ideals of the School and the College upon graduation.

Acceptance Speech by Victoria McLaughlin

If you told me four years ago that I would be standing in front of all of you today, I would look around confused and say who me? You’re kidding right?! Four years ago I was student at a different university who strictly focused on academics. Fast forward to four years later, I am a transfer student, a part of BSG, have had two summer internships, part of various clubs and I am engaged in our community. 

I am truly honored to be standing in front of all of you today accepting this award. With transferring schools my sophomore year, I kept telling myself if you’re making this decision, you need to change your mindset and make the most of it. Let me tell you, being an introvert this was extremely uncomfortable putting myself in extrovert settings. I remember I went to club craze the first week I was a student here and wow, was it overwhelming! I can guarantee I signed up for handfuls of clubs just to try and get involved, which can definitely be proved by the endless emails I received. However, what is most shocking is I almost didn't even go inside of club craze that night. I saw the large amounts of people and I almost turned myself around to go back to my dorm. However, I remembered what I told myself when I decided to officially transfer schools, I need to go outside of my comfort zone. So, I decided to take a deep breath and go inside. Little did I know that in just a few short years, fast forward to this semesters club craze, I would be responsible for organizing the BSG table by being the BSG communications director. I was now the one talking to the students who were just like me my sophomore year, looking for ways to get involved. Putting myself in these settings has led me to gain all of these amazing opportunities I would have never imagined myself doing. I learned to say yes to opportunities if it was feasible and attainable. And most importantly, I learned to overcome my comfort zone. Walking away today, If I could tell my freshman self two pieces of advice that have led me to where I am, it would be to choose the path that makes you feel uncomfortable and understand that this path will never lead you straight to your destination. You will take a path with bumps, turns, detours and more trying to defeat you and stop you from moving forward. One thing I learned is that it matters how you react to these changes that will affect how you will meet your desired end goal. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to be the one standing in this very spot today. I am so thankful for those who made an impact on me and has helped me make an impact on this campus and community. These past couple of years I have grown as a student, a leader and soon to be proud Brockport alum.

About Victoria McLaughlin

Victoria McLaughlin is completing a marketing major, with a 3.88 GPA. She is the recipient of the 2019–2020 Robert J. and Nancy B. Marino Business Leadership Scholarship. Victoria is a member of the School of Business and Management Student Advisory Council, and served four semesters as a Transfer Peer Mentor. She works for Brockport Student Government as communication director, overseeing all promotional material and creating marketing plans for major events and initiatives. During academic breaks, she volunteered with the Office of Community Development in Memphis, TN and independently in Cape Town, South Africa. Victoria was Principal Investigator in thesis research through the Honors College. She also worked for two summers at Wegmans Food Markets as a marketing planning intern. After graduation, she plans to find a full-time job at a digital advertising agency with a company culture that reflects her values. She hopes that while she has the opportunity to grow and strengthen skills in her first years of employment, the experience will help to determine what she would like to pursue for a master’s degree. 

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