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School of Arts and Sciences: Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

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Introduction of Recipient By Dean Jose Maliekal

The School of Arts and Sciences is home to some extraordinary undergraduate students, unmatched with respect to academic prowess and indefatigable with respect to participation in curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular activities and community service. One among them stands apart from the rest, and it is that student who wins the School of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Undergraduate Award. This year that distinction goes to Miss Shay Gauthier, a Journalism and Broadcasting major with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Political Science. She is a student in the Delta College and she is well positioned to complete her degree in three years.

Shay Gauthier simply excelled in and out of the classroom. Her current GPA is an impressive 3.98. No sooner had she started her studies at Brockport than she became an active member of the 89.1 The Point. At the radio station, she had multiple roles: news reporter, on-air personality, programming director, and operations manager. She shined in each of these roles. For example, her 12-part series on gender-based violence led The Point to bag a $1,050 George Rich Philanthropy Award. Thanks to Shay Gauthier’s leadership, the station donated the price money to the Willow Domestic Violence Center. She was instrumental, too, in the station donating more than 2,000 items to local domestic violence shelters. 

The field of college journalism is chockfull of go-getters. Shay Gauthier is as good as they come. She was one of four finalists for the Best Hard News Reporting in the 2020 College Broadcasters Inc. National Student Production Awards competition, and she ended up winning Third Place. Just as impressive, she has cleaned up the New York State Broadcasters Association Awards, winning no fewer than SIX awards: Outstanding News 2020 and 2019, Outstanding Morning Show 2020 and 2019, and Outstanding Election Coverage 2020 and 2019. 

In addition to being an outstanding student and broadcast journalist, Shay Gauthier has also been active on campus as a member of the Brockport Jazz Ensemble, the Brockport Community Choir and Brockapella. She has also been involved with the Delta College, serving as a member of the Delta Diplomats, the Delta College Student Association, and the Delta College Peer Mentoring group. Shay Gauthier is a content contributor for Women’s Republic Magazine, an online publication that gives women around the world a platform to use their voice to educate and empower themselves and one another. To no one’s surprise she won the Chancellors’ Award for Student Excellence. According to Professor Marsha Ducey, the Chair of the Department of Journalism, Broadcasting and Public Relations, “Shay Gauthier’s work is not only exceptional for SUNY Brockport. It is also exceptional for the field of college journalism.” 

Shay Gauthier believes that journalism should be an important voice for everyday people. Her professors believe that hers will be an important voice in the field of journalism. As WBSU General Manager and Instructor Warren “Koz” Kozireski wrote, “Shay is one who is going places and I’ll be proud to say I knew her when…”  

For these reasons and more, I am so pleased to present her with the highest Award of the School of Arts and Sciences.

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Shay Gauthier, Outstanding Undergraduate Student

The School of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award recognizes the School’s top scholar. To qualify, a student must be a senior who has earned a minimum 3.5 GPA, exhibited a strong master of understanding/performance element in their discipline, and demonstrated a significant service element related directly to their department or program.

About Shay Gauthier

Shay Gauthier is completing a journalism and broadcasting major, with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism, as well as, a minor in Political Science. Shay has achieved a 3.9 overall GPA. Beyond her studies, Shay was an active member on campus, with a wide variety of interests. Most notably, she was a part of WBSU 89.1 The Point. At The Point, Shay held many positions. She was, Operations Manager (2020-Present), Programming Director (2019-2020), News Director (2019), DJ (2018-Present), News Reporter (2018-Present), and has received 8 national or state awards during her time at The Point. Shay was also an active member in the Delta College. She was a Peer Mentor (2019), Delta College Student Association Vice President and, a Delta Diplomat. Lastly, Shay was in a number of music groups, which include: Community Choir, Jazz Ensemble and Brockapella. Her hard work and dedication to her studies and to each one of these groups, awarded her many recognitions. These include, the George Rich Philanthropy Award, the William and Betty Doyle Communications Scholarship, the Michael Cravotta Media and Communications Scholarship and the Phyllis McEwen Prize. Her time at Brockport was filled with many vital projects. Shay is most proud of the fact that each year at Brockport, she presented on conversations that she felt, needed to be discussed in much further detail such as, mental health, racial injustice and, issues surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community. As Shay graduates, she will be moving to New York City to further her career as a Journalist. Although, she notes, she is not quite sure what her career goals ultimately look like, she is determined to continue to be a voice for the voiceless. She wants to continue covering topics that need to be addressed more frequently. For this reason, she could potentially see herself eventually pursing a degree at the graduate level or attending law school.

Last Updated 5/26/21