Mission and Learning Outcomes

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Honors College at Brockport is to provide an enriched General Education program and foster a dynamic learning community for academically talented undergraduate students. Through small, interactive interdisciplinary courses taught by distinguished faculty and opportunities to engage with faculty and fellow Honors students outside the classroom, the Honors College seeks to empower students to perform at their highest level of achievement.

Vision Statement

In order to prepare students to become innovative leaders in a diverse world, the Brockport Honors community values and strives to promote mastery of knowledge and skills, leadership development, critical thinking, awareness of global cultures, and lifelong learning.


The objectives of the Honors College at Brockport are to provide a customized, enriched curriculum for academically talented students with the goal of producing a diverse body of graduates who have studied the problems, ideas, and methods of the liberal arts and sciences with an intensity, depth, and perspective not usually afforded in regular courses. To this end, Honors students at The College at Brockport will:

  1. Participate in undergraduate research/creative endeavors.
  2. Work closely and interact with exceptional teachers and talented peers within the Honors community.
  3. Engage in leadership and organizational activities on and/or off campus.
  4. Gain knowledge of or experience with cultural diversity as it applies to personal or professional development.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the requirements of the Honors College, Honors students will:

  1. Use effective critical thinking and writing skills to express complex ideas.
  2. Apply knowledge of or experience with cultural diversity to their personal and/or professional development.
  3. Practice effective research or performance skills within their academic major.
  4. Analyze experiences in leadership and organizational roles as they relate to their personal and/or professional development.
  5. Analyze personal goal attainment and future objectives as they relate to graduate school and/or career plans.

Last Updated 2/26/18

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