The Honors Senior Thesis Project

The Honors Senior Thesis project is the capstone experience of the Honors College

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It provides unmatchable preparation and credentials for professional and graduate school admissions as well as for career pursuits. Upon completing the Senior Honors Thesis, most students believe that the experience added great value to their undergraduate education.

The Honors Senior Thesis is an individual research project, requiring both a written product and a formal presentation, completed under the direction of a professor in a student’s academic major or related area. Students work one-on-one with a professor and present their work either at The College at Brockport’s annual Scholars Day Conference or at another appropriate forum. In the case of academic majors that require a senior thesis, often completion of the Honors Senior Thesis project will satisfy both major and Honors requirements.

The Honors Senior Thesis project can take numerous scholarly and/or creative forms, including written papers, visual art, performance, videos, and/or other media. The nature of the project will depend upon the norms of the particular academic discipline of the thesis topic. However, all thesis projects should include some written explanation and/or analysis. For further information, see the following basic Thesis Guidelines for Students and Faculty.

Past student work is available for viewing in the Brockport Digital Commons.

Last Updated 3/21/18

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