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The Center for Global Education and Engagement (CGEE) provides life-changing, eye-opening, and confidence building experiences for both domestic and international students.

Who to Contact

The Center for Global Education and Engagement will be working remotely. Find out which member of our office you should contact for any questions you may have or to arrange a meeting via phone or video conferencing. Click here for more information


Study Abroad

With over 100 study abroad programs across all seven continents, we offer international travel adventures to students who want to study, explore, or serve overseas. From service learning in Da Nang, Vietnam, to the glaciers of Antarctica, we have a study abroad program for you. 

International Admissions

Apply to The College at Brockport today and choose from one of our 49 undergraduate majors or 50+ master's programs, teacher certifications, and advanced certificates. Our campus environment provides a broad range of options including leadership growth, social activities, and community involvement.

International Student Services & Recruitment (ISS)

ISS provides academic and social support services to all current international students and students who are interested in studying abroad at the College. 

SUNY Washington Internship Program

The Washington Internship Program allows students to experience the excitement of our nation's capital, an ideal location to experience direct involvement in politics, public policy and the policy-making process.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

The SUNY COIL center fosters meaningful exchanges between USA teachers and students with peers abroad through the use of virtual exchange technologies. Teachers from two cultures work together to provide students the opportunity for experiential and collaborative learning.

Last Updated 5/26/21