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Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: China
Anticipated graduation year: 2016

ISS: Why did you choose to study at Brockport?

Yurong: There is an ELS center on SUNY-Brockport's campus. Before I came to the USA, my English was not good enough to study at a university, so I needed to go through an English language program. They also offered me financial support by awarding me a scholarship.

ISS: What has been your most memorable experience while at Brockport?

Yurong: I have to say I have met so many nice friends here, I love them! They are just like my brothers and sisters. We always hang out on the weekends, we chat, we laugh, we eat, and we have so much fun here.

ISS: What are your classes like? Which one is your favorite?

Yurong: My favorite course is my international relations class. I have learned a lot about various political views which are different from my county. I feel like I have broadened my horizons from the professor, students and content of the course.

ISS: How does school here differ from that in your home country?

Yurong: I would say that in the USA there is more freedom when registering for courses because I get to pick which classes I want to take. Also, there are a lot more class options at SUNY-Brockport than in my country.

ISS: Are you involved in any clubs, organizations or sports teams? What are those experiences like?

Yurong: Yes, I am involved with the International Student Organization. Through this club, I have made friends from various countries which allows me to experience different cultures from different countries. I truly feel that I am a part of this organization and have a great time at the meetings and events.

ISS: Do you live on campus or off campus? What has living here in Brockport been like?

Yurong: I live off campus in student apartments called College Suites, however I still feel like I am connected to campus because there is a free shuttle bus that takes me from my suite to campus every 20 minutes from 7am to 11pm. On Thursday Friday and Saturday night, there is a shuttle bus that goes downtown until 3am.

ISS: Prior to coming to school, what did you do to prepare for life in the United States?

Yurong: I studied English and learned about American culture before I came here. I also spoke to some Chinese students who were studying at SUNY. I asked them what I needed to prepare for Brockport and they helped me prepare before I arrived.

ISS: What advice would you give to international student who was thinking about attending Brockport?

Yurong: Some International students prefer go to top ranked universities and big cities, but I would say those universities and cities are not fit for everyone. Brockport is a small and peaceful community, people are very kind and the cost of living is much cheaper than a big city. More importantly, the teaching quality is really good. The professors are very professional and they are happy to answer my questions whether through e-mail or during their office hours.

ISS: How did you like ELS courses? What helped you the most at the courses other than improving English skills?

Yurong: I really enjoyed the ELS courses. I studied various different kinds of courses to improving my English. I would say the Structure and Speaking Practice (SSP) class was my favorite course, it not only taught me language skills, but also taught me how to understand the American culture.

ISS: How was the transition from the ELS program to being a full-time student at Brockport?

Yurong: I would say there isn't a very big gap between the ELS program and actual courses. Since I completed level 112 at the ELS center, I found that the courses were very similar to college courses, so I felt the transition was quite easy for me.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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