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Choose Your Application

SUNY Brockport operates on rolling admissions which means that we review applications as we receive them throughout the year. Once your application is complete with the required documents, it usually takes a couple of days to make the admissions decision. Please choose only one of the following applications to fill out.

Common Application       SUNY Application    Graduate Application

Submit application fee

An application fee is required for all applications. There is a $50 fee for the undergraduate Common and SUNY applications and a $25$80 fee for the graduate application based on your degree.

Prepare academic records

After completing your application, submit the following required documents.

First-Year Requirements      Transfer Requirements      Graduate Requirements

Major & program specific admission requirements

Applicants are admitted to the College and not to a major. A separate application or prerequisite courses may be required for admission to your intended major.

Track Your Progress

You can track your application status in our online system. Check for any missing documents or additional required items. The Banner/Campus Information System login page lists instructions on how to log in. If you have questions about materials that we are requesting, please refer to our Status Code Descriptions or contact us for clarification.

Check Application Status

Scholarship Opportunities

Academic Credential Evaluation

Conditional Admission Options

Last Updated 9/22/22