The academic major in physical education aims to produce individuals who are physically educated; who understand and appreciate the value of physical activity in human development, human interaction, human performance, and quality of life; who know and can apply sound principles for developing skills and fitness; and who are themselves active, skillful and physically fit.

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The Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education aims to provide opportunities for the study of sport and exercise science. The department also offers courses that fulfill requirements in the general education program as well as performance based courses for all students in the college.

The undergraduate academic major provides a broad foundation for professional courses that prepare students to be successful physical education teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, sport managers, and exercise specialists. The department is committed to instructional excellence in these areas based on the most progressive theories and practices available. Faculty and students are encouraged to acquire disciplinary and professional expertise to solve problems in the field.

The graduate program provides advanced study with tracks in pedagogy, adapted physical education, and athletic administration, as well as individualized courses of study. The graduate tracks provide opportunities to pursue permanent teacher certification, professional internships, practicum experiences, and necessary background for further graduate work.


Last Updated 11/20/18

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