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The renovated Exercise Science Laboratory serves as a primary location in training undergraduate students for professions in clinical exercise physiology, corporate fitness, fitness, strength and conditioning, and/or preparation for graduate study.

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The laboratory has metabolic, cardiopulmonary, body composition, and biochemistry facilities that are used by faculty, undergraduate students for laboratory activities, in-class projects, and research related to health and exercise.

Major Equipment


Physiology Lab

  • Two ParvoMedics TrueOne Metabolic Measurement Carts
  • YSI 1500 Sport Lactate Analyzer
  • Computrainer Pro Professional Electronic Cycle Ergometer
  • Velotron Racermate Cycle Ergometer
  • Six Monark Cycle Ergometers
  • Quinton Q65 Research Grade Treadmill
  • Trackmaster Treadmill
  • Glucometers


Exercise Bikes

  • Collin Digital Blood Pressure Unit
  • Fukuda FX 3010 Electrocardiograph
  • Fluke PS 410 Patient ECG Simulator
  • Anaeroid and Mercurial Sphygomomanometers
  • Micro Direct. Inc. Micro Plus Spirometer
  • Cardiac Science Automated External Defibrillator



  • Biotek EL800 Microplate Spectrophotometer
  • Biotek ELx50 Microplate Washer
  • Cholestech LDX
  • Isotemp Basic Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
  • Centrifuge
  • Fisherbrand pipettes
  • Atago Pocket refractometer
  • Thermoscientific Finnpipette
  • Hot plates, magnetic stirrers, vortex mixers, mixing plates
  • Denver Instrument SI-64 and 4K401 scales

Body Composition

Lab tank

  • Hydrostatic weighing tank
  • SECA Digital Body Mass Scale
  • Harpenden and Lange Skinfold Calipers
  • Bodystat Bio-electrical Impedance

Last Updated 11/20/18

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