The Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education offers a 45 credit sport management major as well as a 39-42 credit sport management concentration to prepare students for careers in profit and non-profit sport, recreation and fitness organizations.

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Sport Management at The College at Brockport is one of the oldest undergraduate programs in the world, having been initiated in 1972.

Graduates have a thorough foundation in administrative theory, coupled with an extensive array of practical, real-world experiences through various field experiences (practica), research and problem solving opportunities, as well as a full semester long internship in the real world.

When Can A Prospective Student Enter Sport Management?

The prospective student, native or transfer, should declare intent to study sport management as early as possible in one's college career. Students may take sport management electives and cognate courses anytime during their Undergraduate study at The College at Brockport. However, only juniors and seniors may enroll in the sport management core courses (PEP 360, PEP 461, PEP 355, PEP 461, and PEP 467). Students may apply to the program as early as their junior year while enrolled in PEP 360.

Please refer to current college catalog for current/official description of the requirements for both the concentration and the major in sport management.

Program Requirements

For detailed information about the requirements of the major or the concentration, please consult the Undergraduate Studies Catalog.

More Information:

Sport Management Publications

Last Updated 11/20/18

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