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Course Credits
PEP 360 Modern Day Sport Management 3
PEP 460 Administrative Practices in Sport 3
PEP 461 Problems in Sport Management 3
PEP 351 Coaching Sports 3
PEP 353 Administration of Intramurals 3
PEP 355 Sport Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations and Publicity 3
PEP 468 Internship in Sport Management 9
PES 451 or PES 350 Modern Olympic Games or History of Sports 3
PES 441 Sport and Society 3
PES 460 Ethics in Sports Contests 3
Total Credits: 36
Elective (Select 1) Credits
PES 360 Philosophy of Sport 3
PES 430 Psychology of Sport 3
PES 445 Social Psychology of Sport 3
PES 446 Sports Spectating in the United States 3
PES 396 Women in Sport 3
Total Credits: 3
Elective Outside of KSSPE Department
(With Written Approval, Select 2)
Total Credits: 6
Total Credits for Sport Management Major: 45

Sport Management majors must also complete an approved minor, major, concentration or specialty area with a minimum of 18 credit hours .Such areas should be consistent of coherent body of knowledge supportive of the academic major of sport management. For example: business, communication, recreation, psychology, sociology.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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