The physical education teacher education major is designed to prepare academically competent students to teach physical education in schools.

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The requirements are intended to equip students with the prerequisites for pursuing mastery in teacher education and profession teaching and coaching certification.

The concentration is arranged sequentially to help students to acquire and to gradually refine planning, managerial, instructional, and interactive skills needed for teaching in today's schools. Prospective students are expected to develop:

  1. personal competence in a variety of activities including:
    • adventure/challenge
    • gymnastics
    • aquatics
    • dance
    • traditional and contemporary activities
    • multicultural activities
    • invasion activities
    • net and wall activities
  2. competence in designing instructional programs that foster cultural and learning diversity,
  3. competence in establishing and maintaining an effective learning environment,
  4. competence in curriculum, unit, and lesson planning, and implementing instruction that achieves the objectives of the lesson and program,
  5. competence in assessing and evaluating instructional programs, teaching skills and strategies, and learning outcomes and develop high academic competence and mastery of subject matter for teaching.

We also assume that:

  1. Personal performance in active motor play is critical, and the subject matter of physical education is physically active motor play
  2. Personal fitness is critical and the ability to model the subject matter accurately is a crucial ingredient to effective teaching
  3. Frequent assessment of fitness including health-related, physical and motor fitness, and frequent feedback during teacher preparation, are essential for learning the subject matter of physical education
  4. Surviving the early years of teaching/coaching in schools (in a positive and effective manner) is crucial to future satisfaction and enjoyment of professional practice
  5. Teaching skills and strategies are developed through a series of sequential, increasingly complex, and intense teaching-practice experiences
  6. Training cooperating teachers to supervise these experiences is critical to quality teaching practice
  7. Frequent assessment and feedback during teaching practices are essential to quality teaching practice
  8. Foundation knowledge is necessary for a thorough understanding of the field of physical education.

Last Updated 11/9/18

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