The process involved in obtaining field experience and student teaching placements requires significant time and planning.

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School districts request ample lead time and very specific protocols for securing placements. In addition, many and varied placements are needed each year to meet the requirements established by the New York State Education Department for teacher certification programs. In order to ensure a process that meets these guidelines and is equitable, timely and efficient for all teacher candidates and school partners, the Field Experience Offices within the Professional Education Unit strictly enforces deadlines for field experience and student teaching applications.

Applications for student teaching and field experience are due on or before the deadline date stated within the appropriate application. Only in special situations (extreme weather conditions, illness, or reasonably unforeseen circumstances), will the Field Experience Office staff extend the deadline.

If the application materials are not received by the designated date, the teacher candidate will have his/her coursework delayed until the next course sequence is offered by the department. This may involve additional time and expense being incurred by the teacher candidate.

All teacher candidates should provide applications that are word-processed, error-free and represent their best written work. Applications with grammatical, spelling and content errors are unacceptable.

Note: This policy will appear on all student teaching and field experience applications within the Professional Education Unit and will be distributed broadly so that all teacher candidates are aware of the implications of this policy. (Advertised on websites, field experience and student teaching handbooks, at orientations, on program applications, in letters and placed in both the undergraduate and graduate catalogs).

Last Updated 11/20/18

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