The Student Teaching experience is designed as a field-based practice for the purpose of demonstrating competencies necessary for successful teaching in preK-12 Physical Education.

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As the culminating activity of the teacher preparation process, student teaching serves as a synthesis of all the discrete teaching phases students have been exposed to during their college professional preparation studies.

It provides an important opportunity to work with pupils in a naturalistic setting for an extended period of time. It is intended that student teachers will combine theory with practice in working with students in real school settings. It is also intended to provide the student teacher with the opportunity to further acquire and refine teaching skills and by the end of the student teaching program demonstrate the capacity to function as an autonomous teacher.

The student teaching experience is a 12 credit semester assignment which is distributed across two 8-week quarters and three seminars. Students who meet all entrance requirements are permitted to enroll in the student teaching experience which includes PEP 476 Student Teaching/Coaching Seminar (2 credits), PEP 487 Elementary Student Teaching Practicum (5 credits), and PEP 488 Secondary Student Teaching Practicum (5 credits).

Student teachers must achieve the academic average required by the department prior to student teaching. They are expected to have demonstrated a level of personal and social maturity that will justify an assignment to student teaching. In addition to the academic requirements in course work, a satisfactory performance in both secondary and elementary field teaching experiences is necessary to ensure that the student is ready to enroll in the student teaching experience.

The student teaching experience is for a specified period of time (two equal-halves of a full semester) and for a daily amount of time (full-time). Each student teacher is required to provide professional service in each placement for the entire time school is open. A student teacher is not excused for planning periods or activity periods unless specifically approved by the university supervisor and the cooperating teacher. When not directly engaged in teaching or observing, the student teacher should be directed toward activities in the media center, counseling center, or other appropriate settings.

Physical education teachers are prepared to teach preK‑12, thus an experience in both elementary and secondary schools is required. Teaching assignments must therefore reflect a separate secondary experience (i.e., 7-12) and elementary experience (i.e., preK-6).

The time schedule for each semester student teaching experience varies with the calendar for each semester. However, for each placement, a minimum of seven to eight weeks must be completed by the student teacher.

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