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While traditional graduate programs are either research-oriented or practice oriented, the MA in Liberal Studies is a multidisciplinary program.

The program follows the philosophy that "specialization, though necessary to a certain extent, has created an overly fragmented view of the world….that academic disciplines isolated from one another also create an overly fragmented view of the world….[and] that disciplines must share insights and methodologies to create a more holistic view of life" (Guzman, Richard, Integrating Knowledge and Action: A Workbook for Graduate Liberal Studies Programs, Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs, 1996; p. 1).

This multidisciplinary character is ensured in three ways at The College at Brockport.

  1. Each student's Plan of Study includes three Liberal Studies Seminars, each representing one of the following disciplinary approaches to knowledge:
    • Arts and humanities
    • Social sciences
    • Natural sciences
  2. Each seminar itself utilizes perspectives that go beyond the course's central disciplinary focus (e.g., a humanities seminar may be primarily a literature course, but might require reflections from the disciplines of philosophy, political science, sociology, etc.).
  3. A combination of electives that represent a focused area of interest are chosen by advisement.

Customized Plan of Study

At The College at Brockport, we consider a student's interest and intellectual enrichment when we custom tailor their Plan of Study to their individual and professional goals. Although various Plans of Study may reflect common thematic objectives (e.g., women's studies, developing knowledge and skills that will improve one's effectiveness as a history teacher, international conflict, etc.), the specific courses making up the Plans of Study may vary considerably from student to student. Nevertheless, the program provides a common set of objectives for all its degree candidates. These include:

  • An understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of knowledge and an appreciation of the value of a multidisciplinary approach to scholarship.
  • A multidisciplinary course of study for the student seeking intellectual development, personal enrichment, and the benefits of an advanced liberal arts education.
  • An examination of significant ideas and contemporary issues from the perspectives of the fine arts, humanities, social and natural sciences.
  • An integrative educational experience addressing the student's personal and professional goals.
  • A deeper understanding of self, nature, and society.
  • Opportunities to sharpen critical thinking and communication skills.

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For Program Advisement

Dr Kulathur Rajasethupathy
Professor and Director of MALS
Phone: (585) 395-5760
Email: kraja@brockport.edu

The College at Brockport
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Brockport, NY 14420

For Application and Admissions Procedures:

Phone: (585) 395-2525
Email: graduate@brockport.edu

The Center for Graduate Studies
The College at Brockport
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