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Beginning Fall 2017, matriculated students in the MALS program are allowed to complete the following certificate programs offered by the Public Administration (PAD) Department. MALS students will have equal priority with the PAD majors in enrollment in these courses.

Each certificate program consists of four courses (i.e. 12 credits), which can form part of the elective courses for MALS students.

Prerequisite Course for All Certificate Programs

PAD 688 Research and Program Evaluation (3 credits)

Choose One of the Following Areas of Emphasis

  1. Public Management Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 credits)
  2. Health Care Management Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 credits)
  3. Nonprofit Management Emphasis: 3 Courses (9 credits)
  4. Public Safety Emphasis:  3 Courses (9 credits)

Review the courses for each emphasis area

Last Updated 12/20/18

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