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General FAQ

Is MALS an appropriate choice for you? It could be, if

  • you are interested in a fully online degree program,
  • you need an advanced degree in order to progress in your current career or profession,
  • you are required to earn a master's degree for professional certification as a teacher,
  • you are interested in earning a graduate degree for personal development and intellectual enrichment.

Who can help me find the right courses for my program?

Dr. Raj, the program director for the MALS, is available to help with your Plan of Study. Dr. Raj's office is located in the Albert W. Brown Building, Room 217. You can contact him via telephone at (585) 395-5760, or

How do I get an application for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program?

Apply online through The Center for Graduate Studies. Call (585) 395-2525, i with questions.

May I take graduate courses before I’m accepted into the MALS program?

Yes. Contact the The Center for Graduate Studies if you have never taken graduate classes at The College at Brockport. The process may involve submitting a form and the required fee, after which you may register (on a availability basis) for elective courses that you wish to take.

If I take graduate courses prior to acceptance into the MALS program, will they count toward the degree?

Maybe. The program requires a central theme or focus for the courses comprising each student’s individualized Plan of Study. This theme, and the particular courses that will actually be accepted for the Plan of Study, are determined through advisement as part of the matriculation process. While we will be as flexible as possible, we cannot guarantee that any particular course taken prior to matriculation will be accepted toward the program. In any case, please note the following:

  1. Twelve credits earned in non-degree status at The College at Brockport may be accepted toward the Liberal Studies degree.
  2. Twelve credits earned at other institutions may be accepted toward the Liberal Studies degree.
  3. Credits already earned can be applied toward the program unless doing so would conflict with the rules of the program (e.g., restrictions on maximum allowable credits for independent study or “professional” courses).
  4. Only courses in which a grade of “B” or better has been earned will be accepted.
  5. Online courses from accredited institutions are acceptable for transfer credit.

I wish to strengthen my application by taking some graduate courses prior to sending in my application. Are there particular courses I should take?

Courses designed exclusively for graduate students (600-level rather than 500-level courses at The College at Brockport), and those that carry liberal arts credit (usually designated as “A” courses rather than “B” courses at Brockport) are likely to be better predictors of an applicant’s success in the MALS program; therefore, they are generally given more weight in the application review process.

When are applications reviewed? When will I be notified about the status of my application?

Applications are reviewed three times each year. Application deadlines (for receipt of all application materials) are October 15, March 15, and June 15. Students will be notified about acceptance decisions by mail, approximately three weeks after the deadline for each review period. Late applications are sometimes considered.

What are my chances for acceptance into the program?

Applicants must have at least a 3.0 undergraduate and/or graduate grade point average to be considered for admission. However, admission is competitive and meeting the minimal criteria for consideration by no means assures admission. As space permits, promising students may be given a “conditional” acceptance contingent on successful completion of specific requirements.

In addition to one’s academic record, what other factors are important to the admission process?

All the required application material is carefully reviewed. Letters of recommendation, the quality of one’s Statement of Objectives, and the fit between the applicant’s educational objectives and the program’s philosophy all are important considerations. Availability of elective courses appropriate to the applicant’s proposed curricular focus are also critical factors in the review process, and may vary with different review periods.

What should be included in my letters of recommendation?

It's essential that your letters of recommendation indicate your capacity to be successful at the graduate level of study. Your academic instructors from your undergraduate (or graduate) study may be able to make evaluations in this regard. Recommendations from other individuals may be appropriate provided that the assessment criteria stated on the recommendation form are addressed.

When will I be able to meet with an advisor regarding the program?

All students offered admission to the MALS program are assigned the program director as advisor. Students meet with the director as part of the matriculation process.

Online Program FAQ

Is the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program available in online format?

Yes. The entire degree program (all required and elective courses) can be completed by taking courses in the distance learning (i.e. online) format. However, if you prefer, you can take elective courses in the traditional face-to-face classroom format.

Is there a separate application and process to apply for the online MALS degree?

No. The same online application and process is used for the face-to-face (F2F) MALS degree and the online degree.

Is there a different set of admission, financial aid and graduation requirements for online MALS degree?

No. The admission, financial aid and graduation requirements are identical to that of F2F education at Brockport.

What is the difference between online and F2F MALS at Brockport?

The difference is in the medium through which the courses are delivered. The courses are offered through SUNY Learning Network (SLN) via ANGEL, the Online Learning Management System Software.

Do I need to buy lot of hardware and software to take online courses?

Not at all. You are given access to these technologies without any additional cost. The only technology requirement is the availability of an Internet-enabled hand-held device, laptop or desktop computer.

Access to these technologies is one thing; but how do I learn to use these technologies?

The College provides training both in-person and online to all those who need help in using these educational technologies. If you think you need a formal introduction, please contact the campus IT services.

How do I find the online courses that Brockport offers?

Our online "course schedule" is available at on The College at Brockport's website. Choose "Course Schedule" from the Quick Links menu at the top of the page; or, select "Course Schedule" from the links at the bottom of the page.

You mentioned SUNY Learning Network (SLN). How do I find all the courses offered through SLN?

Visit the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) and choose the filters available on the left navigation to get to courses based on your interest, such as semester, discipline, campus, level (graduate/undergraduate), etc.

Contact Us

For Program Advisement

Dr Kulathur Rajasethupathy
Professor and Director of MALS
Phone: (585) 395-5760

The College at Brockport
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420

For Application and Admissions Procedures

The Center for Graduate Studies
Phone: (585) 395-2525

The College at Brockport
350 News Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420

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