Sanford S. Miller

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SUNY Distinguished Professor

Phone: (585) 395-5178
Fax: (585) 395-2304
Office: 146 Albert W. Brown Building



  • Analytic Function Theory
  • Differential Equations and Subordinations

Professional Experience

Director of the BPMACS and PMACS Scholarship Programs.

Recipient of three Fulbright Awards for Research/Lecturing in Poland and Romania, and a National Academy of Sciences Award for Research/Lecturing in the People's Republic of China; visiting professor at the University of Maryland, UCLA, University of California at Berkeley, and Babes-Bolyai University, Romania. IREX and NSF awards for lecturing/research in Bulgaria and Japan.


American Mathematical Society

Most Recent Publications

  1. An Extension of Briot-Bouquet Differential Subordinations with an Application to Alexander Integral Transforms (with Jose Antonino), Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, (2015), 1-13.
  2. Third-Order Differential Inequalities and Subordinations in the Complex Plane (with Jose Antonino), Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 56, No. 5, (2011), 439-454.
  3. Double Integral Starlike Operators (with Petru Mocanu), Integral Transforms and Special Operators, 19 (2008), 591-597.
  4. Briot-Bouquet Differential Subordinations and Sandwich Theorems (with Petru Mocanu), Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 329 (2007), 327-335.
  5. Differential Subordinations with Solutions in Non-Simply Connected Domains (with Maxwell O. Reade), Mathematica (Cluj) 43 (63) (2003), 103-112.
  6. Subordinants of Differential Superordinations (with Petru Mocanu), Complex Variables 48 (2003), 815-826.

Last Updated 11/9/18

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