Department of Military Science

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Enhance your degree with top leadership training and experience.

  • Students practicing shooting skill

    Become a Cadet

    To become an enrolled Cadet you must complete an enrollment packet. Please contact our Enrollment Officer to learn more about our enrollment packet, if you have any questions on enrollment, and what it takes to become a Freedom Eagle.

  • Simultaneous Membership Program

    This Simultaneous Membership Program allows members of the ROTC program to serve before commissioning. These cadets gain valuable knowledge and experience through serving that is immeasurable, all while earning their degree. 

  • Freedom Eagles

    The Freedom Eagles is SUNY Brockport's battalion for the ROTC program. Our cadets go through rigorous training and exercises to ensure that they are prepared to serve once their time comes.

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    Become Something Greater

    Our primary goal is to identify, instruct, and commission SUNY Brockport students into the United States Army. The military science program consists of four years, split between the Basic and Advance course. 

Last Updated 7/7/21