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Unlike any other institution, the US Army has an education program that supersedes all.

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Ensuring that educated Officers are leading the Army's Soldiers is a primary concern for the Army. To assist its future Officer leaders with college expenses, the Army provides them with ROTC Scholarships.

ROTC provide men and women who are both Soldiers and civilians the opportunity to serve as an officer in the United States Army. Entering the military as a Second Lieutenant as opposed to an enlisted members gives you significant advantages.

It gives you the chance to lead soldiers and to train and learn leadership skills, it trains you to become an expert and a professional in your specific field, gives you a chance to manage a multi-million dollar budget, and makes you much more marketable when you enter the private sector and search for employment.

This page is here to provide you with all the information you will need to learn about ROTC and what you need to do to get into ROTC.

Financial Benefits

If you contract with ROTC and receive a scholarship you are entitled to many financial benefits to help you mitigate the costs of attending college. Typically an ROTC Cadet that has been awarded a scholarship is entitled to the following financial benefits:

  1. Cadet chooses EITHER tuition and fees payment ($3,088 tax free) or Room and Board payment (up to $5,000 tax free) every semester
  2. $600 Per semester for books (tax free)
  3. A monthly stipend starting at $300 a month (Freshman Year) and ending at $500 a month (Seniors Year) (tax free)
  4. Drill Pay (only for National Guard and Reservists)
  5. Use your G.I. Bill (only for National Guard and Reservists)

Additional Benefits

  1. Have the opportunity to lead some of America's best sons and daughters while serving your nation
  2. Have a career waiting for you upon graduation in the US Army
  3. Receive some of the best training in the world in your specific Army field
  4. Separate yourself from your peers in the work force with impressive real world experience

Scholarship Types

Last Updated 10/12/17

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