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New York City 2017

Every year, the department takes students on an experiential learning trip.

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The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures takes a hands-on approach to travel with our students. Every year we take a group of our majors and minors on a faculty-led Experiential learning trip to help strengthen their knowledge by having them use their language of study in a real world setting.


Last Spring, the group went to Montreal where they visited Chateau Ramsey, le Place d'Armes, the Notre-Dame Basilca, the Jean Talon Public Market, and an exhibit on Inuit people. The group got to experience the frigid environment of Canada while walking to enjoy some of their cultural specialties such as poutine. The highlight of the trip was visiting the Marc Chagall exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

New York City

This Fall, we decided to go back to New York City. While we were in NYC we visited a handful of museums including the Museo del Barrio, Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) and, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. We also visited Chinatown and Little Italy and went for a walk to Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge. The students also had some free time which they used to explore the city with each other. Some of them went to Times Square, while others went to the top of the Empire State Building, and a few even went to Brooklyn.

"As a college freshman originating from a small town, my main expectation of this experience was that it would be one in which I could expand my horizons. I had never been to New York City prior to this trip, and I had never been to a place where so many people spoke Spanish. The museums that I visited, such as El museo del Barrio, the Tenement Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all increased my awareness that I am part of a much larger world than the place in which I grew up. For these reasons, I would recommend this trip to any language majors or minors eager to dive into their learning and growing experiences. Each destination that we visited held an important meaning or learning experience. I enjoyed that this trip increased my knowledge of the past, while also preparing me for my future."
– Heather White

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