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RN-BSN Track

Please note that we do offer Statistics for Nurses for any accepted applicants who have yet to take statistics. You must complete all prerequisites including Nutrition or the Nutrition challenge exam before enrolling in Seminar I, Seminar II or Community Based Epidemiology. We do offer a nutrition challenge exam which will be available in the spring and fall semesters for enrolled students only. Further information will be available upon registration.

All nurses who begin the RN-BSN program in the Summer of 2015 will need to plan on attending PRO 306 (Bridge Course) which meets May 20 (9 am-5 pm) and May 27 (9 am-3 pm) at the Brockport campus. This is an overview course which ensures all students have the essential skills to succeed in the program. Please ensure you have allocated adequate time to complete the computer, math and written assignments for this short and labor-intensive two-week class.

The dates for PRO 306 for Summer Semester Starts are May 18 and 25 from 8 am to 4 pm. Dates for PRO 306 for Fall Semester Starts are August 23 and 30 from 9am-5pm. Attendance on both of these days is mandatory.

All students accepted into the program must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Brockport. Most students will need 30–36 credits. Full-time students may anticipate completion in one full calendar year (12 months). The following courses are required of all students regardless of previous coursework.

PRO 258 Statistics for Nursing is a required course for all RN to BSN students. This is an application of statistics to nursing. These credits will go toward meeting the Brockport residency requirement. PRO 258 should be taken during the first semester of nursing course work.

Please contact Dr. Lawrence at for enrollment information.

Course Credits
PRO 306 Orientation to RN to BSN Program 1 credit
PRO 258 Statistics for Nursing 3 credits
PRO 310 Research 3 credits
NUR 321 Pharmacology 3 credits
NUR 344 Health Assessment Class 2 credits
NUR 345 Health Assessment Clinical 1 credit
NUR 451 Contemporary Issues and Leadership 3 credits
NUR 471 Community Based Epidemiology 3 credits
NUR 472 Epidemiology Clinical 2 credits
NUR 473 Seminar I (program culmination) 3 credits
NUR 475 Seminar II (program culmination) 3 credits

How to Apply to the RN-BSN Program: Step-by-Step Guide

RN-BSN program Policies

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