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Community Health Clinical (Intersession):

This clinical nursing course will allow students to complete the Community Health Nursing clinical course, NUR 445, in Costa Rica. Students will learn about the physical and sociocultural environment of the "Ticos" and learn about the public and private health care systems in the country. Students will observe, and occasionally provide, care to clients of various ages in a variety of community-based clinical settings under the direction of a Brockport Nursing faculty member and Costa Rican clinicians.

The Brockport Costa Rica Program Offers the Opportunity to:

  • Gain community-based and community-focused nursing experience in a foreign country; offering you the opportunity to expand your worldview and knowledge of healthcare,
  • Receive clinical instruction in the care of community-dwelling individuals, families, and special populations in the province of San Jose, Costa Rica,
  • Improve your communication skills in Spanish and English,
  • Work, collaboratively, with health care professionals from another culture.
  • Acquire valuable skills in the care of Latino children and adults; skills that will be transferrable to work environments serving the growing Latino populations of the U. S.

Clinical Objectives:

  • Integrate theories and concepts from nursing, liberal arts, sciences and humanities into professional nursing practices,
  • Utilize the nursing process to provide holistic care through primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions with clients in a variety of healthcare settings,
  • Communicate effectively in therapeutic and professional relationships,
  • Engage in evidence-based practice in the care of clients,
  • Articulate a professional philosophy that reflects autonomy, advocacy, accountability, responsibility and ethical decision making,
  • Collaborate with individuals, families and interdisciplinary team members to promote optimal client stability,
  • Integrate skills of critical thinking, management and leadership to promote client wellness to improve healthcare delivery,
  • Evaluate nursing care outcomes within the context of client's values.

During the Costa Rica Program you will Experience:

  • Be one of cultural immersion (housing, food, language, religion, etc.).
  • Enhance your understanding of the benefits and challenges of having dual-healthcare systems within a country: private insurance and national health-coverage systems.
  • Prepare you to be a culturally competent community health nurse.
  • Build your self-esteem and self-confidence as a clinician.
  • Build your understanding of public health nursing approaches to health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Greatly enhance your career prospects!

In Costa Rica, you will:

  • Spend 15 days learning about the country and its governmental systems and people.
  • Receive a comprehensive orientation to the laws and layout of the region where you will spend most of your time and the Spanish dialect used in that region; which will maximize the benefits of your clinical nursing experience.
  • Enjoy a complete package of academic and non-academic support services provided by Brockport.

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