Kathy Peterson, PhD, RN, PNP

Kathy Peterson, Chair of the Department of Nursing

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Kathy Peterson, PhD, RN, PNP

Professor and Chair

Office: 106D Lathrop Hall
Phone: (585)395-5319
Email: kpeterso@brockport.edu

Dr. Peterson has been a full-time member of the faculty of the Department of Nursing at the College at Brockport, State University of New York since 1985. She is the recipient of the 1998 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Peterson earned her Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing at the University of Albany. Both her Master's degree with major in Nursing, as well as her PhD in Nursing, were earned at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Peterson's primary teaching responsibility in the department is in the area of research, leadership and management, and pediatric nursing. She is a board certified Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and has practiced both in rural and urban pediatric settings. Dr. Peterson also completed a LEAH (Leadership in Education and Adolescent Health) fellowship through the University of Rochester, Division of Adolescent Medicine in 2005-2006. Dr. Peterson's research interests are in the area of pediatric asthma, as well as the use of household and family routines to promote health of children and families.

Dr. Peterson enjoys reading and listening to music with fine wine, as well as laughing and visiting with friends and family.

Recent Publications:

  • Barbel, P., Brown, S. & Peterson, K.L. 2015. "Identification of Hypermelanosis of Ito in Pediatric Primary Care", The Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 29(6), p. 551-554.
  • Peterson, K.L. & Barbel, P. 2015. "Clinical Query: Hyper-IgE Syndrome", Nursing, 45(4), 37-38.
  • Barbel, P., Peterson, K.L., Heavey, E. (2017). "Mumps Makes a Comeback: What Nurses Need to Know", Nursing, 47 (1), p. 15-17.
  • Peterson, K., Barbel, P., Heavey, E. (in press). Emerging Infections: Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis, Nursing

Recently Assisted Presentations:

  • David, T. M. (Presenter & Author), Searls, L. (Author), Peterson, K. (Author), "Delivering Safe, Quality Care to Deaf Older Adults is More Than American Sign Language," National Quality, Safety Education for Nurses Conference, Case Western University, Chicago, Illinois. (May 30, 2017).
  • Gaisser, D. (Presenter & Author), Lawrence, C. (Presenter & Author), Smalls, J. (Author), Peterson, K. (Author), "Incivility, Bullying and Horizontal Violence: Needed Curriculum," NYS Nurse Practitioner Association, Niagara Falls. (November 2, 2016).

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