Graduate Nursing Program (FNP) Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I have to apply by for fall admission?

The application is online and the open period to apply is February 1 to April 1. Therefore, the deadline is April 1. Applications are reviewed after April 1, with decisions letters sent by the end of April.

Do you have a spring admission cycle?

At this time the FNP program is only admitting a cohort in the fall.

How many credits is the program?

The MSN-FNP program has 42 required credits. Full-time enrollment is 9-10 credits each semester and one summer course (3 credits) is required. Part-time enrollment is two courses a semester and involves some summer coursework as well. It takes 3 years to complete the part time program.

Do I have to take the GRE?

The requirement is waived for the fall 2021 cohort applications. Cohorts after the fall 2021 group must take the GRE.

All applicants must take the exam before the April 1 deadline. Applicants must have a graduate report sent to the graduate studies department at Brockport. It should appear under Designated Score Recipients not under Undergraduate Institution. If you receive your results and do not see SUNY Brockport under the Designated Score Recipient you must contact the testing agency and request the scores be sent electronically. There is usually an additional fee if the score request is not made the day of the exam. GRE scores from anytime in the last five years are acceptable. Applicants can take the exam at any point they are ready to do so and do not have to wait until the application cycle begins. No admission decisions will be made without the receipt of acceptable GRE scores. Please note we do not have a minimum GRE score but the state education department does require us to have the GRE scores. More information about GRE testing including test format, testing sites and dates available can be found at:

How many weeks are the classes?

The classes all run for the full semester (15 weeks), with the exception of the online summer courses that run 6 weeks.

Is there a part time option? 

Yes, when you apply you will have the option to apply for full-time or part-time status. If you are planning to work full time, you will need to apply for part-time status only. We do not accept students into the full time track who are also going to be working full time. Part time status still requires 2 courses at a time some semesters and summer hours. Part time status will also require 200 in person clinical hours for NUR 500, NUR 500, and NUR 600. Most of these hours are available 8 am - 6 pm during business days. There are very few evening and weekend sites available. Your work schedule will need to accommodate this availability when you are taking these courses. If you are not able to do so it will be your responsibility to identify an appropriate and available clinical site able to accommodate your availability. This site and preceptor will need to be arranged in advance with the clinical placement coordinator to ensure all requirements are met.

Am I able to transfer into the program?

We will consider up to 9 transfer credits for non-clinical classes only. If you have more than 9 credits, you may be better off finishing your degree where you are.

Am I able to take non-matriculated classes before I apply to the program?

At this time, our program is enrolled at full capacity. We occasionally have summer courses available for non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated seats in the fall and spring semesters are rarely available within the program and do require a non-matriculated application including official transcripts. Inquiries may be direct to approximately 1 month before courses begin (July for fall NM seats, November for spring NM seats).

What if I am already a nurse practitioner but not a Family Nurse Practitioner?

You are eligible for admission to our advanced certificate program (rolling admissions) and should contact the program director to determine what courses you would need. Typically, NP’s in the advanced certificate program only need about 16 credits of coursework to be eligible to sit for FNP licensure exam.

What is the structure/schedule of the program?

An example of the full-time curriculum is available at:

An example of the part-time curriculum is available at:

The graduate program is an executive model with most courses online and some in person content on select weekends. Graduate classes are scheduled Fridays from 5 pm to 9 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm up to five times during the academic year, on the Brockport campus. The full-time program spans two years and also requires one three credit online course the summer in between.

NUR 545 and NUR 699 are hybrid and include some in person time during the Fridays/Saturdays required. Clinical courses are hybrid (NUR 500, NUR 550, and NUR 600). They include online content and scheduled in person hours at your clinical site (200 hours each) and time during the Friday evenings and Saturdays each semester.

The rest of the courses are 100% online.

What if I failed out of another graduate nursing program?

You can still apply to the program, but we do have a highly competitive applicant pool and candidates who have been unsuccessful in other programs without extremely extenuating circumstances are highly unlikely to be admitted.

Do I need to have work experience or can I enroll directly out of my undergraduate program?

All applicants must have documented work experience as a registered nurse. Applicants who have just completed a bachelor’s degree program without experience as a registered nurse are encouraged to consider applying after 1-2 years of working as a registered nurse.

What is the cost per credit hour?

In 2020, the full time master’s degree graduate tuition for New York residents was $5,435/semester or $10,870/year ($453/credit hour). Fees are an additional $600 - $900/semester.  

Are letters of recommendation from Brockport Nursing faculty acceptable?

Yes they are, as long as they are not on our Admissions Committee.

Where can I work once I receive my FNP degree?

The focus for the FNP is primary care — family practice offices, clinics, pediatric offices, and women's health practices. This is not the degree you should pursue if you wish to work in an acute care setting (ED, hospital) or a psychiatric setting. The scope of practice is limited to primary care. 

Do I have to do the FNP clinical hours at specific sites?

You have 200 hours of in-person clinical time in each of the three clinical courses (NUR 500, 550 and 600). You take one clinical course each semester starting in the spring of your first year. You will have your "test out" for these courses in person during the on campus time. The hours that are available at your clinical site dictate what schedule you need to follow for clinical. Students who have identified appropriate clinical sites with a preceptor who is willing to work with them are welcome to request these placements with the Clinical Coordinator. Clinical sites can be anywhere in New York as long as it is an appropriate primary care clinical site willing to work with us. If they agree to participate, we can set up a contract with them. However, it does take some time to do this. We encourage students to explore sites and preceptors for clinical options they would like to pursue early in the program. Appropriate sites would be family practice offices, clinics, pediatric offices, and women's health practices. Additional information is available at:

Am I able to start my DNP while I am in the FNP program?

Students enrolled in our Master’s Degree FNP program or our CAS program have the option to take a DNP course at the master’s degree tuition rate while enrolled in their last semester of the FNP or CAS program.  They are also eligible for expedited DNP admission in the last semester of the FNP or CAS program as long as they meet the DNP admission criteria.  

Last Updated 5/26/21