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Brockport Graduates in the Field

What are our nursing graduates doing after graduation? A lot! Read some of their stories below. Tell us what you are doing and stay connected through our Virtual Alumni Association.

Patty Wolniewicz '13

Patty Wolniewicz

Since my graduation in May 2013, I have been working as a registered nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Buffalo General Medical Campus.

Working as an RN is such an incredible experience, and I can't imagine a program that prepares you better than Brockport Nursing. In the field, I am constantly asked by my fellow co-workers where I attended school and praised for the excellent foundation of knowledge that I possess. I have all the faculty of Brockport Nursing to thank for this.

The Nursing program at Brockport afforded me with great nursing education and stellar clinical experience in Rochester area hospitals. This experience molded me into a caring and knowledgeable nurse and also helped me pass the NCLEX on my first attempt!

I am always proudly acknowledging my Alma mater and encouraging people to look into the program, because the education is truly excellent. In the future I plan on advancing my education and becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in women's health.

Once again thank you so much for helping to shape me into a great nurse!

Emily Hunt '12

Emily Hunt

I also have recently started at Rochester General Hospital on 2800, a post operative GI unit. I will be closely working with Chelsea DiNardo and Zina Sciortino. I am still in my first weeks as a "real" nurse and I am enjoying all of the opportunities for teaching and improving my skills.

I want to thank the entire faculty and staff in the Brockport nursing program for really preparing me to go out in the real world and shine. I feel comfortable on my floor and I am excited to work my way up to a full patient load in a few weeks! Although junior year was intimidating at first, nursing faculty and staff were welcoming and able to help whenever needed. Clinicals were great too! The clinical instructors were concerned with what we were doing in class and they gave us lots of opportunities to practice and perform skills. Tip for incoming juniors- see and do everything that you can in clinical... you will learn more and have more fun. I feel that Brockport prepared me especially to take the NCLEX licensing exam even from the start. Most of the NCLEX was based on your ability to critically think and analyze the problem. The Kaplan review course that Dr. Peterson taught and the Problem Solving classes helped me to do this successfully. The computer based review through ATI was also helpful and the format of the questions on the nursing tests prepared me as well.

Thank you for all of your help over the past few years. I am glad to be an alumni of Brockport's Nursing Program!

First Lieutenant Hillary Battles '10

First Lieutenant Hillary Battles

First Lieutenant Hillary Battles is a 2010 College of Brockport BSN graduate. Following graduation, she received her RN license and became an officer in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. 1LT Battles was assigned to the original Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. where she worked step-down/telemetry nursing and was present to see last patients leave before the hosptial closure. She was then part of the historic merging of Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital now known as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where she continued to work telemetry. Recently, 1LT Battles attended the Army Nurse Corps Critical Care and Emergency Nursing course at San Antonio Military Medical Center (formerly Brooke Army Medical Center). This is an 18 week course with an intensive 9 weeks of didactic study and weekly 150 question exams. The course then has a 9 week clinical section which includes rotations in the ED, the nationally renowned SAMMC Burn Center, and various ICUs. Course content included 2 major oral patient presentations covering a systematic assessment, care plan, anatomy, and disease pathology. 1LT Battles earned the Army Achievement Medal for her meritorious achievement as student personnel officer for outstanding academic, clincial, and administrative achievements. She is currently assigned to a medical ICU at San Antonio Military Medical Center and is awaiting orders for promotion to the rank of Captain.

Katie Schwartz '10

Katie Schwartz

I am currently a registered nurse working on a medical/surgical floor at Unity Hospital. Work is exciting and challenging at times. Even though I have finished school, I continue to learn something new each and everyday. I feel the College at Brockport couldn't have prepared me any better for both the NCLEX and the working world.

Anna Morreale, RN/BSN '10

Anna Morreale

I have been privileged to work as a nurse at Unity Hospital with the Joint Replacement Center for the past 17 years. Earning and maintaining my certification in orthopaedics for the last eight years has helped me grow as an orthopaedic nurse. When the Joint Replacement Center opened, I was honored to be offered the exciting and rewarding role of Clinician. As a Clinician I am responsible for the continuing education of our staff nurses as well as speaking at orthopaedic seminars within the community. Returning to school and earning my BSN in nursing has opened numerous doors for me. The joy of being a registered nurse never grows old. The opportunities and rewards are endless. The most exciting aspect about nursing is not knowing where my career will take me next.

Jessica Jackson '10

Jessica Jackson

My name is Jessica Jackson and I graduated from the SUNY Brockport Nursing Program in May 2010. Brockport's nursing program truly helped prepare me for the NCLEX-RN exam. I took the test in June and passed on my first try and am now officially a Registered Nurse! While attending Brockport, I was a member of Sigma Theta Tau International and Alpha Chi honor societies. The nursing faculty and clinical experiences gave me above and beyond what I need to succeed in this profession. I was able to participate in research opportunities and was exposed to opportunities that I didn't even realize existed. Through a Research Assistant position and independent research study conducted under Dr. Elizabeth Heavey I discovered an additional passion next to nursing, which is epidemiological research.

I am currently working on my Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with a concentration in Epidemiology at the SUNY Albany School of Public Health. I am a full-time student and Graduate Assistant in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. I am also this academic year's recipient of the Carson Carr Diversity Award. My goals as of right now are to either use my RN license in conjunction with my MPH degree to work in a Health Department or go on to do research.

An update on Jessica: She has now earned her MPH and has accepted a new position, Bone Marrow Transplant RN Data/Quality Coordinator at Upstate Cancer Center, part of Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse. Congratulations, Jessica!

Sanju Neupane '09

Sanju Neupane

Making a difference in peoples' lives and in the community has always been my dream. Studying in America, I was introduced to a different style of learning and different levels of moral thinking that broadened my thinking. After getting my associate degree in nursing from GCC, I joined RN-BSN program in SUNY Brockport. Now, I am in a position to make a difference in peoples' lives. The nursing program provided me with the education, clinical skills, and opportunities that helped me to develop the foundation needed to become a successful nurse. I have been a nurse for 5 years now. I am currently working at Rochester General Hospital as a Clinician III in a Medical-Surgical unit (4800) and will be exploring my options in California soon. I absolutely love being a nurse and cannot image doing anything else. My ultimate goal is to become Nurse Practitioner and to become involved in medical missions. I would like to help and educate people of other countries with the clinical skills I have learned and will be learning in future. I recommend the nursing program at Brockport to everyone who is planning to pursue their career in nursing. I loved all the instructors at Brockport and would like to thank them as they guided me to a successful career in nursing.

Carrie Williams '09

Carrie Williams

I have been a nurse for almost 3 years. I have worked at Upstate Golisano Childrens hospital and now I am a travel nurse. I am also in my second year of school to obtain my Family Nurse Practitioner Degree. I love my job! There is nothing more rewarding to me than being a nurse. I am proud to be a nurse and proud to say that I earned my degree at Brockport. I believe that Brockport provided me with the best education in nursing and gave me a strong foundation to build upon once I was out in the field on my own. I have, and always will, recommend Brockport to all future nurses. Thank you to all the staff who helped me and gave me the tools I needed to succeed.

Captain Bruce Kevin Clark '06

Captain Bruce Kevin Clark

Captain Bruce Kevin Clark died 4/30/12 while serving his country in Afghanistan. He was a loved Father, Husband and US Army Chief Nurse, known for his caring personality and his love of service. He was deeply honored to serve his country and he paid the ultimate sacrifice in his service. He was the recipient of formal honors upon departing Afghanistan in a ceremony that was very moving and dignified. Special Operations soldiers from both the United States and Australia lined up to render Captain Clark final honors. Captain Clark was described by his commander as "awesome," "a professional," and "a great asset, leader, and friend," and he noted that CPT Clark "made long days and nights a lot shorter." Captain Clark's awards and decorations include the Army Commendation Medal, the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Army Service Medal. The SUNY Brockport community is proud to call Captain Clark a graduate and admire his service to his country, his commitment to the nursing profession and his dedication to his wife and children. He will be deeply missed.

Kristin M. Renkert '05

Kristin M. Renkert

Since graduation, I have specialized in pediatrics and have grown in my career working at Strong Memorial Hospital on unit 4-3600. I have remained a member in both Alpha Chi and Sigma Theta Tau. On 4-3600, I have participated in our sunshine committee to boost unit morale, created and initiated the "pat on the back" program to also boost morale and most recently published an in service for my coworkers for contact hours in the area of respiratory illnesses. I have also become certified to administer chemotherapy through ONS. Since graduating from Brockport, my choice to be a nurse has been reinforced on a continual basis! Nursing Rocks :)

A Word From Our Graduates

RN-BSN graduates- 2012

Brockport graduates are working throughout this community and many others. Many have returned to school for advanced degrees and others have pursued additional certifications within their area of specialty. When surveyed after actually working as a registered nurse they told us:

"When I started the RN-BSN program I have to admit I was just doing it to keep my job. I didn't really expect to learn much, after all I was already practicing nursing for almost twenty years! I was really surprised by how challenging the coursework was and how much I did learn. I took classes that looked at issues I had never thought about before and I found myself starting to question what and how we did things at the bedside. I ended up loving my Seminar project and used it for an in-service to earn my Clinician III designation at work. I never thought I would say this but I am now looking forward to graduate school at age 50!"

Group Humor Project
Dr. Lori Breitmaier and her clinical nursing students involved in a group humor project

“Each of you helped me to grow as a professional and as an individual. The value of this education was well worth the hard work and money.”

“I had a much larger amount of knowledge than new grads from other programs when I started.”

“The professors are the best!”

“The clinical experiences opened my eyes and my mind.”

“In talking with other new grads, I am so happy that I went to Brockport. I felt more prepared than most. I also am glad to have met the people I have. I am still in contact with half of my class, including orienting two of the new grads this year!”

Margaret Ecklund, R.N.
Margaret Ecklund, R.N., N.P. Progressive Pulmonary Unit

“I love my job!”

“I am proud to be a Brockport graduate!”

“I just thought I'd write you an email and an update. I am currently getting my MS and FNP. Just finished up 21 credits this semester and if all goes well with my last final I will still have a 4.0. I'm working on a Surgical/telemetry/trauma unit. I love it. The main reason I am writing this email is to compliment you and the Brockport nursing staff. The advanced pathophysiology class that I just completed was not nearly as in depth with diseases as our undergrad class was. Most of the information that I am learning is review, which is good that I was able to retain that information. At the time I did not realize how well our medical/surgical class was taught. But looking back and it I am very happy with the information that I took out of the class and the program. It has definitely helped with the graduate class. We were only given one semester for patho but without my underclass preparation I do not think I would have made it through the semester with all of my hair (ok maybe I gained a few gray hairs in the class but its mainly still all there). I just want to thank you again as you were very influential to me. Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into the program. It really is appreciated. I will never regret going to Brockport for my schooling. It was the best 4 years of my life! Thank you thank you thank you!”

“I was really able to help my sister with her biology test review. One of the chapters is the cardiovascular system, and I was able to explain to her the EKG and what each wave stands for, and all about the electrical impulse and the path of it. Also, I explained to her about the chambers of the heart and valves and how the blood flows. I was able to tell her everything. I was really happy that I was able to explain everything in a much more simplified form for my sister who always struggles through science. Just wanted to thank my critical care instructors! Being able to recall everything made me feel like I had a really excellent preparation for the future. I feel a little more confident just from this.”

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