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Fees for Courses in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Traditional and Second Degree Programs

There are a variety of fees that are attached to nursing courses that support the course and/or clinical experience. These fees can be found on the student bill, associated with the course that the fees are assigned to. The fees for students in the traditional and second degree programs are as follows:

  • Each hospital clinical course has a $21 fee that provides students with liability insurance needed for the clinical agencies:
    • NUR 347
    • NUR 349
    • NUR 351
    • NUR 441
    • NUR 443
    • NUR 445
    • NUR 447
    • NUR 495
  • NUR 343 has a lab fee of $200 that provides the students with the laboratory materials that are needed for laboratory experiences on campus.
  • NUR 345 has a lab fee of $20 that provides students with equipment needed for physical assessment lab.
  • There is a $23 fee that supports eRecord Training for students at clinical to be able to use the electronic medical record systems in clinical. This fee is associated with NUR 446 in the senior year.

Last Updated 10/12/17

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