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Courses in the nursing program presume a firm foundation of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences. Students must therefore have completed successfully the following prerequisites with a minimum grade of "C" (2.0) in each course to progress into the clinical courses of the nursing major.

Nursing Prerequisites Credits

  • Anatomy and Physiology 8
  • Chemistry 4 (must be over a 100 level or a preparatory course)
  • Microbiology 4
  • Nutrition 3 (cannot be a consumer level course)
  • Statistics 3
  • Sociology 3
  • Psychology 3
  • Developmental Assessment or Psychology 3 - (Lifespan required (from birth to death))

All sciences must be 4 credits with a lab from a Middle States accredited institution. Please see the attached document for local courses that are accepted.

It is essential that all transfer students contact the Department of Nursing for advisement in planning their prerequisite program. Specific details concerning equivalency of content for required prerequisites may be obtained from the Department of Nursing or the Office of Academic Advisement.

List of Courses That Meet the Prerequisite Requirements from Other Schools

Last Updated 4/9/18

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