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What is a hybrid course?

Hybrid courses use two learning environments; face-to-face (f2f) meetings on scheduled dates and online course work completed using the Blackboard learning management system (LMS). These activities may include online readings, problem solving, and discussions. These courses are listed with the prefix HYB in the title, and include scheduled time and location for face to face meetings on the course schedule.

Course Reference Number (CRN)

The CRN column lists the four-digit course reference number (CRN), which identifies the course for online registration or when registering by mail, fax or in person. Example: CRN 8278 = SPN 111.31 (Beginning Spanish I). Click on the CRN to obtain supplemental course information including what dates a hybrid class meets f2f.

Below is an example of how to locate the meeting dates for a hybrid course. Begin by using banner to locate the class.

Next click on the blue CRN number for the course. You will then be able to read the description of f2f meeting dates.

CRN Hybrid

Last Updated 10/17/18

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