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Access Your Brockport Email & Drake Library Services Using Your NetID Enrolled Brockport students are assigned a NetID to access computing and technology resources at The College at Brockport (i.e., Blackboard, and Drake Library services). These resources facilitate your completing many learning activities in your online course. To obtain your NetID, go to this website and follow the instructions: NetID Tutorial
NOTE: Information about your Banner ID can be found at this site: Web Banner Tutorial
Register for Your College at Brockport Course(s) Register for your College at Brockport online class through Web Banner at Information about registering for classes and completing the steps to "Affirm Your Enrollment and Accept Financial Responsibility" are available at Register Online. Contact Sue Derry at The College at Brockport with registration questions. You can also speak to a staff member by phone at (585)395-5734. You are responsible for completing all course schedule changes with the Office of Registration and Records.
Learn the LMS Your online course is delivered via Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). Access your course via Blackboard.
Note:You may also click on the link at the sidebar to the left titled "Blackboard Login" to access your course.
Install Virus Protection
If you do not have anti-virus software (e.g., McAfee or Norton), please consider installing a solution such as AVG Free or Microsoft Essentials. Be sure to set it to update the virus definition files at least once a week. Consider using a personal firewall product, particularly if you use cable or a DSL connection to the Internet. Personal firewalls do cost money, but consider how much a loss of data or your computer would set you back.
Verify System Requirements


If you will be using a computer connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) at your workplace, check with your employer's network administrator to determine whether there is a firewall on the Internet connection. A firewall may limit your ability to submit the type of forms the SLN website uses.


  • A word processing program that saves in Microsoft Word.
  • A printer which will allow you to print your syllabus, course schedule, and assignments.
  • Your instructor may have additional technical specifications and/or assign specific software or hardware for requirements for your course.
Communicate with Your Professor and Your Classmates Students typically communicate with their professor entirely within the Learning Management system via Discussion Forums and Course Mail.
Confirm Transferability of Online Courses into Your Current College at Brockport Major/Program You must contact your advisor or the department chairperson in your academic program to receive advisement. Your advisor will assist you in choosing the right online courses to fit into your current program. If your course has prerequisites listed, be sure to verify your eligibility to register for that course and obtain any necessary permission key numbers. Undergraduate "Undeclared" majors may contact Academic Advisement at (585) 395-2711 to schedule advisement or go to Academic Advisement. Graduate-level students should consult their graduate department directly. Contact The Center for Graduate Studies for more details.
Order Your Textbooks Textbooks may be ordered through The College at Brockport Bookstore or call (585) 395-2554.
Show up for Class Your course will "go live" approximately one week before your course begins. At that time, you are strongly encouraged to log onto your online course in Blackboard to review the materials, become familiar with the layout and ensure online learning is right for you.
How to Get Help Accessing Online Courses or finding your Brockport NetID: Contact the Brockport Help Desk online or by phone at (585) 395-5151, option #1. Help Desk hours are posted on their website. You'll also find a link on the left sidebar, "IT Services Desk."When you call or email, PLEASE indicate that you are a College at Brockport online student!

Last Updated 7/1/20

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