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Students taking online courses from The College at Brockport should refer to these useful resources to assist them in their coursework:

Getting Started Checklist     Blackboard     Student FAQ    Glossary of Terms

Student Authentication

College at Brockport students taking online (ASY or CMB instructional method) courses must log in
to a secure access site using their Brockport user ID and password. All online students who enroll in
courses through Brockport are validated using an identity management system that utilizes their
unique user name and password for access. Without these identifiers, students are unable to register
for classes or access College tools for online courses.

The College’s policies regarding academic integrity and acceptable use of IT services include penalties for unauthorized access by the use of another individual’s name and password and for engaging in academic dishonesty. 

Online Non-Student Photo ID

BASC recognizes the need to provide official Brockport identity for enrolled students in distance learning programs to enable SUNY services offered by other SUNY institutions. BASC provides non-photo ID’s to students enrolled in distance learning (i.e. 100% online or remote sites) who are not attending courses at the main campus or Brockport Downtown.

Request a non-photo ID

Other Resources

Questions regarding your online course?

Please contact Nicole Bindler, Online Concierge at (585) 395-5716.

Office of Special Sessions and Programs
The College at Brockport
219 Holmes Hall
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420-2944
(585) 395-5734

Last Updated 5/29/19

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