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One of the most useful majors you can study, philosophy builds critical thinking skills that apply to any profession. It's also a great option for a double major.

  • The Center for Philosophic Exchange

    Center for Philosophic Exchange

    The Center for Philosophic Exchange was founded by SUNY Chancellor Samuel Gould in 1969 to conduct a continuing program of philosophical inquiry, relating to both academic and public issues. Each year the Center hosts three to four speakers, and each speaker gives a public lecture that is intended for a general audience. 

  • faculty discussing philosophy

    Challenging and Supportive Faculty

    "I consistently felt both challenged and supported by the department's knowledgeable and accessible faculty, which was exactly what I needed... to grow as a writer, critical thinker, and person. I frequently find myself thinking about how grateful I am for the quality preparation I received for graduate work during my time at Brockport."

    — Mark Satta, PhD student at Purdue

Last Updated 7/21/22