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Jean Kachiga Ph.D.

Office: Hartwell Hall 207 D
Phone: (585) 395-5670
Email: jkachiga@brockport.edu

Teaching Interests 

  • Global South
  • Global Issues
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • International Political Economy

Research Interests:The dynamics of change in international politics

My research focuses on how the dynamics of history, through specific driving forces causes recurrent emergence of new paradigms that herald new epochs. I examine state-actors’ responses to the exigencies of incoming paradigms and how their differential rates of success produce the equally recurrent shift in the hierarchy of world powers   


  • Global Issues in the Context of Space Lexington Books, Lanham, Maryland, 2016
  • China in Africa: Articulating China’s Africa Policy   (Africa World Press and Re Sea Press, Trenton, New Jersey, 2003)
  • Global Liberalism and its Casualties. Rowman  and Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland, 2008
  • Die Rationalitaet der Moderne  und die Kulture in Sub-Sahara Africa  Peter Lang Publishers, Frankfurt, 1999


  • The Dynamics of Change in Modern World Politics
  • The Sunshower (A political novel)

In Progress

  • China’s Choice (in which I examine the options that International Relations Theory present for a rising power like China and whether indeed China's actions fit the mold or whether China takes liberties they never imagined)

Book Reviews

  • Grieco, Ikenberry, Mastanduno: Introduction to International Relations: Questions, Connections, and Perspectives (Forth Coming, Cengage Publisher)
  • Ian Taylor: China and Africa: Engagement and Compromise. Routledge,  London, 2006. I have reviewed following publications for the African Studies Review, issues of September 2008, Volume 51,#2, from Rutgers University Press. Henning Melber (editor): China in Africa. A compilation on China’s Policy in Africa Essays by Margaret C. Lee, Henning Melber, Sanusha Naidu, Ian Taylor, published by the Nordiska Africainstitutet, Uppsala, Sweden, 2007

Book Chapter

  • Globalization and Marginalization in: Essay in Paradoxes of Global and Local
  • Forces. Eds: Olufemi Vaughan, Macheta Wright, Charles Small. Ibadan,
  • Nigeria. Safer Academic Press, 2005
  • Wuerzeln und Konfliktgruenden in Afrika in: Minoritaet, Autonomie und
  • Selbstbestimmung. Locum, Germany, October 1995 p. 67-84

Last Updated 5/25/18

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