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Clinical Experience

Professional school admissions committees want evidence that you have experience in the field. They want you to have a first-hand understanding of day-to-day activities in the health-care profession you aspire to join. Spending time shadowing a physician, dentist or veterinarian, working on a volunteer ambulance crew, completing paid or volunteer work at a hospital, nursing home or hospice will prove crucial. The experience also will allow you to confirm your goal to become a health-care professional.

Brockport students are fortunate to have access to local health-care facilities that offer a variety of clinical settings with options for volunteer — and in some cases — paid positions. Letters of recommendation from the professionals you interact with provide strong support for you applications for admissions.

Research Experience

Future clinicians should have experience in research. Such experience trains you to think scientifically, and it also gives you the manual skills you will expand on as you learn to perform the types of procedures characteristic of your chosen field. In addition to working with professors at Brockport, students also are encouraged to apply for summer research positions at labs like Roswell Park Cancer Institute, many medical schools, or the NIH. Participants in these opportunities are chosen on a competitive basis, and many of them carry stipends or at least provide living expenses. For minority students there are additional programs available.

Research Opportunities at Brockport

Students find research opportunities in the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Education. Both academic year and summer projects are available.

Examples of current projects:

  • Andrea Tolpolnycky, a pre-dentistry student with an interest in biomaterials, is currently conducting a project with Dr. Logan to synthesize new anti-oxidant compounds.
  • Abhijit Adehyde, a pre-medical graduate student, is currently working with Dr. Chan on a toxicology study involving the reproductive system.
  • Chrystal Price, a premedical student, is working with Dr. Brannigan and Dr. Chan on kidney pathology.
  • Diana Topolnycky, a pre-medical student, studied the activity of an enzyme in an environment with limited water with Dr. Heitz.

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