Effectiveness and Best Practice Committee

The Unit Effectiveness and Best Practices (EBP) Committee is a standing committee of, and reports directly to, the Professional Education Council (PEC).

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The primary function of the Unit EBP Committee is to assess and develop policies relevant to the programs across the Unit. Specifically, the Committee performs the following functions:

Evaluates consistency across the PEU and broader educational community through the review of programs and policies, including the following areas:

  • Being grounded and guided by a constructivist approach to education.
  • Linking theory and practice through extensive quality-based field experiences in diverse settings.
  • Explicitly delineating required knowledge and skills (i.e. the Themes ande Competencies defined in the PEU Conceptual Framework including effective integration of technology in instruction.
  • Demonstrating a set of Professional Dispositions.
  • Demonstrating candidates' positive impact on P-12 learners or the learning environment.

Identifies, monitors, and expands school partnerships that support clinical experiences and best practices of the discipline in diverse settings.

Recommends to the PEC, areas in which greater coherence across the PEU and the broader educational community are needed.

The Committee membership is comprised the Director of Field Experience and Certification, along with representatives from each of the six departments within the Unit. The chair of the Committee is appointed by the Associate Dean.

Last Updated 11/20/18

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