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The Professional Education Unit has an systematic assessment system (CICSL) that evaluates candidate performance data and its operational effectiveness.

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A collection of data files and other evidence that affirms the quality of Brockport's education programs is provided below. The table also displays how evidence aligns to the five CAEP standards. Click the title of each evidence to access an overview of the evidence, and if applicable, its assessment tool, data, and analysis of the quality of the assessment.

Evidences for both Initial and Advanced Level Programs CAEP 1 CAEP 2 CAEP 3 CAEP 4 CAEP 5
Advisory Board       X X
Alumni Survey       X  
Assessment Handbook         X
Consumer information         X
Content Specialty Test (NY State Teacher Certification Exam) X        
Data Driven Decisions         X
Educating All Students (NY State Teacher Certification Exam) X        
Employer Survey       X  
GPA by Admitted Cohorts     X    
Graduation and Default Rates (NCES)          
Graduation Rates and Other Student Information (Brockport)          
Specialized Professional Association (SPA) Reports X        
Student Loan Default Rates          
Evidences for Initial Programs CAEP 1 CAEP 2 CAEP 3 CAEP 4 CAEP 5
SAT/ACT scores by Admitted Cohorts     X    
Professional Dispositions X   X    
Unit Plan X   X    
GPA in content courses X        
GPA in pedagogy courses X        
Field Experience Assessment X X      
Global Assessment of Candidate Performance X   X    
edTPA (NY State Teacher Certification Exam) X     X X
Initial Programs Exit Survey        X  
Candidate Survey of College Supervisors   X      
Clinical Partnerships Rubric   X      
Clinical Placements   X      
Evidences for Advanced Level Programs CAEP 1 CAEP 2 CAEP 3 CAEP 4 CAEP 5
Counseling Education Assessment Reports X X X X X
Advanced Programs Exit Survey       X  
National Performance Reports     

Title II Report 2016-2017


Title II Report 2015-2016


Title II Report 2014-2015


Title II Report 2013-2014




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