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132 Holmes


  • New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctorate
  • Advanced Technologies for Distance Education Certificate (2009)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Missouri-Columbia, Computers in Psychology (1991)
  • Ph.D, University of Manitoba, Psychology- Experimental (1990)
  • M.A., University of Manitoba, Psychology (1987)
  • B.A., University of Manitoba, Psychology (1983)

Research Interests

  • functional assessment
  • teaching techniques
  • sustainability or 'green' issues
  • computer applications in behavior analysis


  • Robinson, E. S.*, Desrochers, M.N., & Napolitano, D. A. (2017). Evaluation of Concurrent Operant Preference Assessment for Increasing Daily Living Skills with Adolescents who are Dually Diagnosed.  Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Desrochers, M.N., & Mosher, H. (2017).  Experimental evaluation of an informational and behavior change program to increase undergraduate students’ energy conservation. Behavioral Interventions, 32, 1-9, DOI: 10.1002/bin.1482

  • Desrochers, M. N., & Gillespie, J. F. (2017). Charting a course for effective parenting programs and policies. PsycCRITIQUES, 62(20), doi:10.1037/a0040852

  • Bock, B.M.*, Cole, S.C.*, Drake, P.M.*, Rice, B.R.*, Desrochers, M., Forzano, L., Hansen, K.*, & Amatangleo, K. L. (2016, Jan.). Evaluation of goat preferences for consuming invasive plant species. FL-PRISM Newsletter.  https://flihappenings.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/fl-prism-update-evaluation-of-goat-preferences-for-consuming-invasive-plant-species/
  • Desrochers, M. & Fallon, M. (2014). Instruction in Functional Assessment. Open SUNY Textbook: http://textbooks.opensuny.org/instruction-in-functional-assessment/
  • Mosher, H., & Desrochers, M. N. (2014). Pro-environmental behavior strategies and college students’ energy usage. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 15(2), 359-370. DOI 10.1108/IJSHE-03-2012-0027
  • Desrochers, M. N., Oshlag, R., & Kennelly, A.* (2014). Background music to reduce problem behaviors during assessment with a child who is blind with multiple disabilities.  Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 108, 31-66.
  • Desrochers, M. N., & Shelnutt, J. M.* (2012). Effect of answer format and review method on college students’ learning.  Computers & Education, 59, 946-951. doi: 10.1016/j.compedu.2012.04.002
  • Knapp, A.*, & Desrochers, M. N. (2009). An experimental evaluation of the instructional effectiveness of a student response system: A comparison with constructed overt responding. International Journal of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, 21, 31-46.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Fink, H. C., Thomas, A.*, Kimmerling, J.*, & Tung, W.* (2007). Student assessment: A comparison of solitary, cooperative, and competitive testing.  International Journal of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, 19, 289-296.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Fink, H. C., Thomas, A.*, Kimmerling, J.*, & Tung, W.* (2007). Student Assessment: A Comparison of Solitary, Cooperative, and Competitive Testing.  International Journal of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, 19, 289-296.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Pusateri, M.*, & Fink, H. (2007). Game assessment: Fun as well as effective. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 32, 527-539.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Crone-Todd, D. E., & Conheady*, T. J. (2006). Case difficulty of simulation software. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 10, 24-28.
  • Desrochers, M.N., & Gentry, D. (2004). Effective use of computers in instruction. In D.J. Moran & R.W. Malott’s (Eds.) Empirically supported education methods: Advances from the behavioral sciences. NY: Elsevier Science/Academic Press.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Newell*, M., & Coleman*, S. (2003). An introduction to what functional assessment is and how it is done. Retrieved 3/13/03 from Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies at http://www.behavior.org/ under the topic of Autism.
  • Desrochers, M. N., House*, A. M., & Seth*, P. (2001). Supplementing lecture with Simulations in Developmental Disabilities: SIDD software. Teaching of Psychology, 28, 227-230.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Clemmons*, T., Grady*, M., & Justice*, B. (2000). An evaluation of Simulations in Developmental Disabilities (SIDD): Instructional software that provides practice in behavioral assessment and treatment decisions. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 17, 15-27.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Hile, M. G., & Williams-Moseley*, T. (1997). A survey of functional assessment procedures used with individuals with severe problem behaviors and mental retardation. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 101, 535-546.
  • Desrochers, M. N., Fink, H. C., Thomas, A.*, Kimmerling, J.*, & Tung, W.* (2007). Student Assessment: A Comparison of Solitary, Cooperative, and Competitive Testing. International Journal of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, 19.

Awards, Honors, and Grants

  • Kelting, D., Desrochers, M., Evans, C., Naybor, D., & Faveau, J. (2017). Paul Smith’s College Advancing Students to Careers in Ecology Program (ASCEP), NSF S-STEM grant #1742041, 9/01/2017, Funded, $995.754.
  • Silverstone, S., Desrochers, M., & Mehta, A. (2014).  Social Marketing.  NYSERDA, $100,000.
  • Desrochers, M. N. & DiCesare, E. (2011, June). Evaluation of Synchronous Online Parent Skill Training. Funded by Organization for Autism Research.
  • Research evaluation of an online performance management training program.
  • Desrochers, M. N. (2010). Faculty Support for Travel and Conference Presentation. UUP Individual Development Award. The College at Brockport – SUNY.
  • Desrochers, M. N. (2009). Video-based Psychology Instruction. Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative 2009-2010. State University of New York College at Brockport.
  • Desrochers, M. N. (2009). Lecture Capture Grant. SUNY-Brockport CELT & LITS.
  • Desrochers, M. N. (2009, February). BehaviorSim: An Instructional Resource Program for Introductory Psychology Courses. Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology, Instructional Resource Grant
  • Desrochers, M., Margolin, S., & Birch, S. (2008) Nelson-DennyTM Assessment, Funded by Dr. Fox’s Office of Assessment
  • Margolin, S., Birch, S., & Desrochers, M. N. (2008-2009) Computer-based training for improvement of student study skills in a peer mentoring program. Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative
  • Scholarly Incentive Award, “Clickers in the Classroom – Do They Work?” 2007
  • UUP Individual Development Award for travel and conference presentation, 2007
  • Scholarly Incentive Award, 2006, Assessment of the Function of Problem Behavior: A Comparison of Methods
  • Sponsored Programs Incentive Award, 2006
  • Discretionary Salary Increase Scholarship, 2006
  • Sponsored Programs Incentive Award, 2005
  • UUP Individual Development Award for travel and conference presentation, 2005


  • Applied Behavior Analysis (Graduate course)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Psychology of Sustainability (co-taught with Env Sci & Bio)
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Practicum Supervisor
  • Independent Research
  • Research Methods
  • Introduction to Psychology

Conference Materials

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Conference, Buffalo, NY May, 2015

Theses, Honor's, Independent Research, McNair (supervised/supervising)

  • Elizabeth Speares' Thesis: Evaluation of Concurrent Operant Preference Assessment for Adolescents’ Daily Living Skills in a Residential Setting
  • Betsy Varghese's Thesis: The Relationship between Staff Attributions of Problem Behavior and Descriptive Functional Assessment Outcomes
  • Tim J. Conheady's Thesis: Transition from Family Home to Agency Residence: A Survey of Client Problem Behavior Patterns and Family Concerns

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